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Going to Alaska

Discussion in 'Community' started by iJon, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Well my friend called me yesterday and told me his sister couldn't go on the cruise anymore. They had a paid for ticket and if I paid for my plane ticket to Vancouver I could have the cruise ticket for free. What a deal.

    Now I have never been on a cruise before, any helpful hints for anyone to offer. And another question, I was curious for people who have been on an Alaskan cruise. Are these towns hardcore about underage drinking. All my past trips have been out of the country so I have become adjusted to going to bars. If they are hardcore I still don't think it will be a problem since my friend and I pass for 21 all the time and go to local bars here in town, just curious.

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    is it just me or do most of ijon's threads being with "Going to ...." . Good god man , your always traveling .... i'm quite jealous.

    that being aside, make sure you have a good grasp on the weather thats ahead and try to bring everything you might need ( i would the essentials are expensive in on the boat and in alaska where things are heavily imported ).
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    My mom and step-dad went on an Alaskan cruise for their honeymoon around 5 years ago, and my mom dropped her camera into a lake while canoeing, so she has no photos from her honeymoon. So their trip wasn't so successful...and I probably don't have any tips for you. However, I've been on a cruise before, and if you get motion sick, I suggest going to a pharmacist/chemist and picking up something to alleviate the symptoms.

    Oh wait, here's a tip: Hang on to your camera!!!
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    Duff-Man says...well, 19 is he legal age in BC/Vancouver if you have any time there before you get on the boat - it is a pretty nice city....as for the cruise part - I have not done that yet but I did spend a day in Skagway - one of the normal ship stops in Alaska - and it was pretty sleepy, nothin' but tourist traps mostly....oh yeah!
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    I think its sad that you have a chance to go on this great trip to one of the most beautiful places on the planet and your first question is "can I drink there?" Blah, you should give that ticket to someone that really wants to go.
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    just for your information i am very excited about going on this trip and i cherish it very much. when i just want to get drunk i will go to cozumel. i just got back from europe and i enjoyed it very much, yes i did drink but that wasnt all. i just am used to drinking on vacation, whether it causual or spend a night and get hammered. i was just curious if anyone knew, so you dont need to find anyone to go for me, im going to enjoy it to the fullest whether you say so or not.

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    I find it rather disappointing that your biggest concern is figuring out how to get a drink!

    The inland passage area has some of the most beautiful sights in the world. You wll get to see things that are very cool. Nature in it's finest. For example, Bald Eagles in the wild. Some of which who aren't bald yet. Killer and other Whales. The scenery is breathtaking. At night, the stars on a clear night are simply awesome.

    Anyhow, what a waste of effort to focus on how to get a drink! It sounds to me like you have your priorities screwed up. Maybe you should give your ticket to someone who will really appreciate the cruise and what it entails.

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    good lord, you guys are blowing this out of proportion. you make it sound like im going to hop of that cruise and go grab a beer, not the case. after everything we do (hiking, canoeing, and what not). but when i was in europe and after i had traveled all day we had a blast going to a bar and associating with locals and having some drinks. i save the drunk fests for cozumel and spring break. all i asked was a simple answer, if anyone has been on the cruise i was hoping i could get a simple answer.

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    i've lived in alaska for the past 17 years.(now in colorado) i'd say good luck to trying underage drinking, but then again, some places might look the other way, especially in the smaller town villages where you'll stop. i'd try to stock up in canada is possible, but who knows. even in canada, they'll crack down on 18/19 year olds for trying to drink. (even if you are 19) alaskan kids drive to canada just to be able to party without worrying about the fuzz. you could try to bro down with the locals at the stops, and they'd hook you up, but be weary, the Alaskan natives are a force to be reckoned with. you could also find a drunk and have him buy for you, but who knows what he'll ask for in return. basically, it's still the united states, so it's going to be a battle. hope you enjoy the trip, everything you'll see will be breath taking.
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    see that was the kind of answer i was looking for. i was just curious. if i walk into a bar and they turn me away so be it, ill drink a coke. the sights will be amazing and im very excited. ill post pictures once i get back in a week. its just after been in europe this summer ive just become accustomed to walking into a bar just for a beer with the guys or something. it was pretty depressing coming back to the states. as for the guy earlier who said its sad that drinking is my only concern, it is hardly a concern, more of a simple question. there isnt much to a cruise, i know what to bring, i have no concerns, thanks though.

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    I went on an Alaskan Cruise 6 years ago!

    Take lots of different kinds of clothes. Take moisturizer for your face. (mine got all dried out and I have oily skin!). If you are going glacier watching then make sure you take gloves, scarf, winter coat etc. Don't eat too much. And have fun! As far as I'm concerned a Cruise is the *best* way to travel.

    I did some research on all the different ports I was going to so I could figure out what I wanted to see. It made the trip very enjoyable. I"m sure I got a lot more out of it than if I had just "winged" it!
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    i live in alaska, outside of anchorage, the biggest city. it really is the most beautiful place ive ever been to, and recently the temps have been around 70 degrees F and sunny :D ur lucky to come when its been so nice. i really doubt you are going to be able to drink anything besides coke in a bar, up here its just like everywhere else.
    have a good trip,
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    People really are anal sometimes.

    Have fun. I hope you manage to get a drink if/when you want to have one with the boys.
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    Or maybe it is because some of us realize/know what he will get to experience and cannot fathom why he would inquire about getting a drink vice inquiring about the wonderful sights that he is about to see.

    I've known some people, that for them, to travel up the inland passage was a lifelong dream. Some of these were behind the Iron Curtain. When the Wall fell they were able to realize their dream.

    Anyhow, I expected more out of iJon based on his posts. I am sure that he will have a wonderful trip. Just hope that he gets the most out of it.

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    i already know what sights to go see and everything. although i found out 3 days ago that i will be going, i have read up on each town, just like what i do with every trip. will get the most out of it, because i love to travel, this isnt even my last trip for the summer believe or not, and school starts in less than a month. i believe traveling is one of the best opputunties someone can have, and i know i am very lucky to go on this trip, especially for free. i even work for EF tours trying to get other college students to travel. it's just when i've traveled out of the country i have felt more mature in a sense, and have been accustomed to going in bars. not to get hammered (except munich :)) but just to have a drink. I figured since alaska was still US i would already know the answer, but i felt it was worth a shot to ask some locals or former people from the cruises. so you guys can think i am a drunken 18 y/o college student who thinks mexico is the only other country on this planet, but i would feel you don't know me quite well.

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    Mr. Anderson

    I've been to Alaska many times - been to quite a few towns - where are you going to be stopping?

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    he's gone now kids, probably getting tipsy in canada.
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    I went on that cruise 6 years ago, as a 17 year old. Its quite awesome! there really isnt a lot of time that you are on the alaskan mainland, and the towns you will be in arent exactly filled with bars.

    But you spend the majority of your time on the ship. I know you just have to be 18 to gamble, not sure about with alcohol on cruise ships.

    The alaskan cruise is the best, mainly because hardly anyone gets seasick. Its hardly on the ocean at all, so it doesnt toss and turn nearly as much as, say, the bahamas cruise.

    Man, its awesome!
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    well im ketichan right now. found a signal after we got back on our boat so ive just been checkin up on things like the ipods. today we went fly fishing, although there were no fish. tomorrow we are going dog sledding, glacier walking and helicopter rides, so it should be fun.

    the cruise is great. lot of nice scenery. have to be 21 to gamble but we go in with our suits on and play, they don't bother us. getting alcohol hasn't been a problem but we haven't drank much. my friend had a little incident with drinking before we left, so since he has stayed away i have as well. other than that its been a blast, lots of good pictures so far.

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    well i must say it was an incredible time. probably comparable with switzerland on prettiest places i have been. mostly on the ship we just walked around, talked, gambled, ate and slept. went to the shows at night and then just kicked it on our deck. in port we would go on excursions like fishing, dog sledding, helicopter riding, lots of fun. skagway was probably my favorite town and i feel the world could do without wrangell. thanks everyone with the helpful tips. ill post some pictures as soon as i find my camera cable.


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