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Going to Europe, need a place to stay...

Discussion in 'Community' started by MacAztec, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Well, next summer, me and a buddy are going on a trip to Europe. I plan on visiting London, Spain, Amsterdam, and France. I'm a tad short on money, and this may sound weird, but I was wondering if anyone could house me and a buddy for a night or two. We wouldn't eat there, just sleep, nothing else. We would clean up, and give some money if needed.

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    I can't help (In texas), but if you can't find anything, you can always go hostelling.
    Like $13USD a night for a REALLY basic one.

    Kinda like a dorm room. Just a thought.
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    Yeah I was thinking about that, but I thought it would be cool if someone here knew the area and stuff. Probably will end up hostelling, but its worth a shot.
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    Either way you go it sounds like your gonna have quite the adventure... lucky ive always wanted to go eruope-exploring.
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    My cousin took a "Eurotrip" this summer for about a month, with one friend and they stayed in those hostell's. :)
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    If you stay in a hostel dont take anything of value that you can not keep on yourself at all times. One of my friends had his PB and some nice microphones stolen from him while staying in a hostel. He left them in the laptop bag, which was hidden in his suitcase, and under a bunch of clothes.

    Hostels dont offer much in the way of security, but they are cheap! Anyway, just be careful!
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    Same here, I would love to go on a trip across Europe (mainly England).
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    You're going on a trip to Europe and you're NOT staying in hostels entirely?

    Wasted trip, I say. I don't know what you were originally planning if you weren't staying at hostels, but I hope hotels weren't in the plans. You don't often meet interesting people your age if you stay at a hotel. Hostels are where it's at. Like-minded people who want to travel with little money.......perfect.
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    I'm a bit out of London, and we don't really have room for two... :(

    But, I wanted to say.. Enjoy your trip, Europe is great. :D

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