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Golf Cart Mount Options

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by tek210, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Will be getting the iPad 2 next week and am wondering if anyone knows what options there might be out there to mount it to use GolfShot GPS app. I am looking for something that I could mount onto the bar on my push cart and also on the upright of a golf cart. I have looked at the Ram products, but can't tell how easy they would be to mount and unmount. I would like some sort of quick release. A u-bolt is not a great option.

    Cannot wait till Friday.
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    I know when you look at the RAM website that the mount they show with the iPad is the u-bolt solution, but their parts are interchangeable. I use the yoke clamp mount right now. It has the 1" ball so it will work. I use it with the iPhone mount now but will likely get the iPad mount also They only have a holder for the original iPad right now). The yoke clamp will work with the round/oval push cart and the square tubed bars found on riding carts.

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    That should work well. Wish the site had better pix. But I like the possibilities. Hopefully it is not long before they have an iPad 2 option available.
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    Is this what you got?

    Is it just a matter of then choosing a locked or unlocked ipad holder to go with this setup?
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    Pretty much.

    When I first got the mount, it was set up for a skycaddie. When I switched over to the iphone, I simply bought the holder.

    I have used www.expressmounts.com for purchases...and as a matter of fact as I check now, they are taking pre-orders for the iPad 2 holder.

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