GoLive, DreamWeaver, or Studio?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by zflauaus, Dec 20, 2005.

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    I know you guys are thinking, NOT ANOTHER GOLIVE/DREAMWEAVER QUESTION! But this is different. If I was to get enough money, I am thinking about buying web development software. I was looking at GoLive and Dreamweaver at http://www.academicsuperstore.com and their prices are very good for me. GoLive is $79.95, Dreamweaver is $189.95. I also saw Studio 8 for $289.95. If you were to choose one, would you save your money and go with Studio 8 or Dreamweaver, or spend it now on GoLive? Thanks for the opinions!
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    Studio.....simply becasue Flash and Dreamweaver ;)
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    I would go with the Studio 8 package. Because it is a package that also contains Flash and Fireworks and most people that I know use Dreamweaver.
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    Thanks guys. I think I will go with Studio if I can afford it. Thanks again!
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    I'd go with GoLive if you don't need Flash. If you do need Flash, then Studio may provide better value. :)
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    i just started to use DreamWeaver and wow! it's really nice! I'd recomend that!!
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    Pass on GoLive. Adobe might drop that and keep DW since Macro and Adobe merged. You can actually now get the Adobe Suite and Studio suite packaged together EDU for like $550 which is a sick deal.

    Get studio if you plan on playing with flash if not just get DW.
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    Artful Dodger

    I just bought Studio 8 at academicsuperstore.com and I can't wait to see how Dreamweaver is :D Good luck and enjoy.
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    Go with BBEdit and save yourself some money. ;)
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    Yeah, if you want a text editor. I don't think that's what this thread is about.

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    Glenn Wolsey

    Just get Studio 8. GoLive will be discontinued soon.
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    BBEdit is a rip-off (although not as much of a rip-off as dreamweaver is). I wish I didn't buy it. Textmate is a much better editor and like 75% cheaper.
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    whats the main difference between the three, i know there are a lot of things, but someone sum it up in basics.
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    Weaver rocks, Go Live doesnt, and BBedit isn't really related since its a text editor.
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    They are all tools used to build websites so they are somewhat releated.
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    I have both Adobe CS2 and Macromedia Studio 8. I never use Go Live. DW8 is sweet.

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