Good 3-button Mouse for Design?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by dxm113, Sep 5, 2005.

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    I have recently acquired some design programs such as Photoshop and Blender.

    I have a "new" rev. C PB, but no mouse . . .

    Any recommendations for a good multi-button mouse for design, that won't break the bank?

    thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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    I have a Logitech MX 700 at work and an MX 900 at home. I love the way this mouse feels. I'd go with anything in this line of mice...from the corded one, all the way up to the laser one. That way, you can decide how much you want to spend.
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    I don't mind the corded so I use the Logitech MX310. It is fairly inexpensive but very accurate.
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    I dig my m$ wireless mouse. The only downside (besides the M$ logo of course) is the weight of the batteries in the mouse, doesn't really matter for a desktop but if your shoving it into a laptop bag.
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    I have that one too and am very happy about it. On the other hand tried thye mighty mouse for the first time yesterday - and if you need just 3 it is extremely nice...scrollball...mmmmmm....

    I do like the xtra functionality of 6 buttons: arrow back and forward, switch app...

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    I'm not too sure what entails a good mouse for design and graphics purposes-- but I'll assume pointer accuracy and whatnot; in that case, I'll pass on the advice of my gamer friend who is fiendish about his gear-- He uses Logitech's MX510 (a link to purchase from CompUSA) but if you hunt around a bit, you can find it for a good deal less. I've used it and even for my smaller hand (and my bf's quite large hands) it is very comfortable.
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    Too many buttons is unnecessary. The Mighty Mouse is on the elevator going down to the basement where the Newton, Hockey Puck Mouse and the Cube reside.
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    Gasp! How tragic! That poor Cube, perhaps I should rescue it from the dark depths of that dungeon? ;)
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    I like my free button mouse...

    Apple Pro Mouse :)

    Can do a full and speedy day's work in Quark and Adobe CS without any mousebite.

    Alt, command, option... keyboard shortcuts: the quickest way to work.
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    I bought the mighty mouse for one reason: scroll wheel.

    It really does make my life easier, but while still using the one button form that I'm used to. Like Blue Velvet, I mostly use keyboard commands which makes things flow a lot quicker -- it also REALLY impresses people and makes you look like a total robot.

    I programmed my mighty mouse to use the scroll button to trigger Expose, which works wonderfully. I never liked pushing a key to activate it, so this is much easier and has streamlined my operation quite a bit.

    But the mighty mouse does need a lot of work before it's perfect. If you go in the Peripherals section of the forums, you can read about all the problems I had with it.

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