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Good $30-50 earbuds?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Muncher, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Well, I finally lost my apple earbuds, and now I'm in the market for something of slightly :rolleyes: higher quality. I've done a good amount of research and I've found that I'd really like a pair of Shure SCL2s, but they're just a bit too pricey for me right now; I could buy a pair, but if I lost them, I wouldn't be able to replace them for a while.

    When I really want to hear my music, I've got a pair of Panasonic headphones that I enjoy, I'm just looking for something not all that expensive that I can take with me on an average day to use in my down time.
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    You'll get recommended these most likely from this forum...I haven't had any of these or tried them out

    VModa Vibes - $25
    Sennheiser CX300 - $25

    just over your price point
    VModa Bass - $58
    Sennheiser CX500 - $60 (I'd go with these)
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    I've heard decent reviews for both the CX300 and the Vibes. I've read reviews saying that the CX300 isn't great in terms of sound quality, and that it puts out way too much bass.

    I'll take a look at the V Modas. I found a deal for a pair of $60 Shure SCL3s that would be really nice, but I don't know if I can afford them :(.
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    SLC Flyfishing

    I've got the V-Moda Sport series buds. I like them very much and they were about $42 at costco, came with a pair of airplane adapters and a semi hardshell carrying case that fits my Classic and Touch very well.

    Check em out if you get a chance.

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    I think at this point I may buy the SCL3s. It's just too good a deal to pass up, and nothing else in the price range comes close according to the reviews I've read.
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    If you can buy from Amazon.com, I'd recommend the Sony MDR-EX85LP for US$41. I've heard these in-ear monitor (IEM) headphones and wow, thanks to the big 13.5 mm drivers for these headphones (compared the smaller 7 to 9 mm driver found in most IEMs in the US$30-US$50 price range, the bass is deep and clear without being "boomy," and even the treble is good without being "peaky" like you get with Creative EP-630. :)
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    I sometimes use Skullcandy headphones. They are pretty cheap and I like the idea of having In-ear headphones.
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    I'd suggest a pair of Yuin PK3's. They are well reviewed on head-fi. They sound great, although perhaps a bit light on the bass. They go for $40, and completely blow away the stock ipod buds.

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