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Good Apple TV sites

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mrlunch, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Sorry, if I missed a thread that would answer my question. I did search but didn't find anything. Here it goes... what are some good sites for Apple TV info?
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    Good for finding out what new movies have been added. Also has links to other AppleTV related sites
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    Thanks guys for the links... I’ll be visiting these sites often.
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    Thank you to everyone that posted these links. I am visiting these websites too. :)
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    Thank you for recommending our sites

    Hi, this is Luck from AppleTVHacks.net and AppleTVSource.com.

    I run AppleTVSource myself and AppleTVHacks.net with Tom Anthony.

    There have not been a lot of news on the Apple TV front lately, so the updates are not as frequent as before. However, if you have any suggestions on any of the sites, please feel free to write to me at luckk@appletvsource.com . I will be happy to entertain them.

    Two more sites for you: http://appletvbbs.com and http://wikiappletv.com

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