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Good application for editing MP3's

Discussion in 'iPod' started by neonart, Oct 23, 2005.

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    What application do you recommend for editing MP3's? Say I wanted to edit a piece of a song, like a word or phrase.

    I've tried Quicktime pro, and it does a good job at editing, but then I can't save it as an MP3 :rolleyes: unless I save and rip again.

    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    like trim it down, i use garage band to trim down my songs so i can make ring tones
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    Yes, exactly! This should work, thanks!
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    Ok, it works great at editing, but how about saving the MP3 as an MP3?

    It says it saves as .aup, and to export to get MP3.

    When try that it says it has no MP3 exporting library? I see on VersionTracker that a few people are having issues.

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    you'll need to follow those instructions to install the LAME library (audacity uses LAME to encode mp3s) and once you install it you should be able to export mp3 files. i probably should have mentioned that earlier :eek:
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    You have to download a file, and it says on there what one, its an extension so that you can export as MP3. I found this out cause I used it to try and make a Podcast on my iBook G3 500MHz, didn't work. So now I use Garageband 2 on my new iBook. BTW I'm editing Hikaru Utada's Simple and clean song to make it a mix. A mix of a mix.
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    Try MP3 Trimmer: http://deepniner.net/mp3trimmer/
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    GarageBand works great for simple stuff like that... and complex stuff, if you know how to use it.


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