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Good Deal? about to buy an iBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by wyatt23, Sep 15, 2006.

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    i recently came across a deal, or so i think, and i am about to jump on it, but before i give my money away to someone, i just need some feedback from the smartest mac users on the net. :p

    i offered the guy $400, i think he's going to haggle me to $420 shipped.


    iBook 12" 1.07 GHz
    512MB ram
    30GB hd
    combo drive
    Airport Extreme
    tiger installed
    panther discs.
    ilife 04 {i know it's old}

    condition: few scratches and his name is engraved on the bottom. [i'd really like to get a clear case anyway. :cool: ]

    ac adapter and perfect battery.

    so $400-420 shipped? how do i fare?
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    I'd say that you are getting a pretty decent deal on that iBook.
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    good, if its not very "used", I saw the same stuff, brand new in compusa, $620.
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    I'd say thats a good deal. I really enjoy using mine, and it works fantastic for all the basic computing needs and beyond like movies, some games, internet, everything that I can throw at it. Works like a champ! I still only have 512mb of ram in it to, and it's going strong! I can't wait to slap a extra 1gb in there and see how much faster it is.
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    sounds like a decent deal to me.

    the best way to judge how you're fairing would be to check eBay and see what they're generally going for.

    also keep in mind that the engraving will bump his price down quite a bit, since that's not ideal for any prospective buyers.

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