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Good deal on Craigslist?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kuebby, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I'm about to buy an early-2009 15" MBP 2.66/4gb/200gb for $600.

    Good deal?

    I think so, my only concern is the C2D instead of i, but it's what I have now (going from iMac to MBP), so I think it'll be ok. Plus, getting a less expensive one I can afford to replace the HD with an SSD/HD combo, which is probably more important for what I actually use it for.
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    Damage free, I think that's a good price.

    Just make sure it's the right model. If I recall the Early 2009 models started with a 250GB HDD, so I find it bit weird that one being sold has a 200GB HDD.

    That's the first model with a non-removable battery, so check that as well (check battery health).
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    It's not in perfect condition (or the model I thought) but I bought it anyway. I just got home though and realized that the display is crooked about 1mm, so it rubs the body when opening. There's also some scratches but it's all really minor.

    It's also a 2008, though I'm not entirely sure what model, besides A1286. It has a 2.66 C2D, but it also has a removable battery.
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    The first generation of the current MBP design.
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    I would say.....

    good deal if the cosmetic issues dont bother you too much. And if there are not functional issues....

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    They don't, it saves me the worry of doing it myself. Plus I'll probably just be putting stickers on the case.

    On the plus side, upon popping off what I thought was the battery on the bottom I found it was the battery cover, which holds a smaller battery and an... EASY TO REACH HARD DRIVE! GLORY OF GLORY! CAN IT BE? This means I can order an SSD whenever, since it's a 5-minute install.

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