Good Deal or Something fishy?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Spica, Oct 23, 2004.

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    1) Too inexpensive.
    2) Seller only has five (5) ratings. They could all be her buddies.
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    It may also be that the seller knows this product is worth much more than this, and purposefully puts a low price to attract bidders. After people start bidding the price will rise to the acceptable sale level for the seller.
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    i didnt know that it was famous!

    i dont like the fact that it is all written in capitals!
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    Of course, but no one in their right mind would start the bidding on a retail $2500 piece of merchandice in the hundreds. That's just stupid.
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    On ebay you frequently see people starting high ticket items at $.99. In fact, I do it quite frequently. In know the item will go for a higher price, so I start it low which attracts attention and gets the number of bids up.
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    Doesn't look bogus at all. It might be the case that the seller had a lot more faith in Yahoo auctions than most. The low starting bid trick works on eBay very well, as there are enough people there who will bid on something they may not even want, just to get a good deal. However, with only 4 hours left on this thing, someone may walk away with a great machine, for significantly less than it's worth. It's one thing to be cautious, but another to be actively looking for it to be a scam. You have to have some trust!
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    I guess that's why I've never sold, nor ever will sell, anything on eBay. IMO, the bidding starts at 1/2 it's worth and goes from there.
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    Why not email the seller?
    Ask a few questions about the item/payment -- just to get a better feel for the person...

    It won't hurt & doesn't cost anything.

    Mind you, just a few hours to go now & will only take cheques/money orders...

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    checks/money order

    The checks/money order is what would scare me. Low price is fine...i just want to know that I'll get something for my money if i send it. PayPal and others are free, and offer some protection, so i'm suspect of any seller that doesn't use it.
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    A lot of people only take cheques and money orders. I'm going to sound old, but 6 or 7 years ago when I first started using eBay, it wasn't an odd thing at all to see people who would only take cheques or money orders. Sure, PayPal existed, and so did BidPay, and neither were costly or difficult to use. It really just hadn't been adopted yet. Cheques and money orders provide an ease of use. If I, as a seller, take a PayPal payment, I have to set up an account with them, and then jump through a number of hoops to finally get the cash in my hands. With a cheque or money order, I walk to the bank, and I'm done. I'll say it again, it seems like a number of people WANT this to be a scam. Have a little faith in your fellow human being, and don't just assume that because of a few potentially suspicious items that this individual wants nothing but to scam you.

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