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Good Free Online Photo Albums?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Over Achiever, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Over Achiever

    Hey all, I'm about to go on a volunteering trip to New Orleans and I'm planning on snapping many many pictures. Now I want to be able to upload full resolution pictures to galleries that I can organize and have people view three sizes: thumbnails, a size that is optimal for browser viewing, and a full resolution image that can be downloaded. I want to have the full file available as my dad would like to download pictures he can print 4x6 pictures back at home.

    Are there any services that offers such a thing? I do have webspace, but it's a meager 20 MB, and I don't think that would do. I thought myphotoalbum.com was rather interesting as it be simple to remember the site of the album. But I don't think it has the option to have full resolution images.


    PS Yes, I do realize that I can resize the pictures to 2 MP for my dad as he's only printing 4x6 images. If only 1800x1200 was an optimal resolution for most browsers (I generally resize images to 780x520 to be compatible with most browsers) But it'd be nice for him to look at the albums, pick the pictures he like, download a file he can print at home without bothering me for the original.

    PPS Anyone know of the broadband wireless hotspot situation in New Orleans?
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    Clix Pix

    Take a look at Smug Mug (http://www.smugmug.com) I think it will do what you want and it can be free or you can pay for the service and get a few more goodies.

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    flickr.com has a free service. You are limited in the amount you can upload in a month and you only get 3 sets (albums). But they handle all the resizing for you and everything. I use it to store my photos and then I can even pull them over to my website via their API.
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    Check out pixmor at http://www.pixmor.com

    Pictures are automatically resized into thumbnails, display size (720 x 540) and (optionally) high resolution (1600 x 1200). Highest available resolution picture is automatically selected when downloading image from album. 1600 x 1200 is good enough for 4 x 6 prints, I wouldn't worry about that.

    The service is currently in beta and free.
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    I like Google's Picasa for general picture sharing. They have a new OSX plug-in that you can download for your Mac that let's you upload pictures to Picasa directly from iPhoto. It's very convenient.
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    Where is the free SmugMug?:confused:
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    All of the suggested options are good. But you know what? Mac OSX comes with a web server. All you have to do is enable it. If your mac is on a 24x7 broadband Internet connection then you have as much web space as you have free space on your disk(s). If you make the site in iWeb then all you do is save the site folder in the right place on your disk and it becomes visable on the web

    Realistically most of us are not doing a high traffic photo site and we are talking about a few vistiors per week, not hundreds per hour so even a G4 mini would be overkill for a server.
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    Clix Pix


    My apologies....I think Smugmug no longer offers a free service. In the beginning they had a free service plus two tiers for which people paid. Now I believe there's no more free accounts at all, only paid. My mistake!
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    you can try snapish... its more of a playful looking website, its made by hp and u can order prints online, thats what i use for my sports albums, its not too bad.
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    I've just recently bought a basic smugmug account, and let me tell you its well worth the money. Its very easy to use and so convenient. Just drag and drop your photos or folders into the uploader and it automatically resizes them for you with your choice of letting users view the originals. Its definitely worth it IMO.
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    I also use snapfish.
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    Ditto. I use SmugMug and Flickr, and have tried or seen most of the others. I'd agree with munkle, sounds like Flickr pro ($25/year) will work well for your needs.
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    Over Achiever

    Wow it's been a while since I've seen this thread. I ended up just posting galleries on my webspace and having my dad tell me the names of the pictures he likes, and me e-mailing him the originals ... not fancy but it worked at the time.

    I've been using facebook since (allowing photos for my friends), I'm going to set up a flash web gallery on my website when I have the time (medical school is so time-consuming). I got my friend a smugmug account, I think she likes it very much, I might look into using it as well.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll keep this thread around for when others have new suggestions for good photosharing sites.
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    Here is an example. Not great photos just snapshots of friends I went to the local aquarium with but it shows what you can do with just iWeb and the server built into every Mac. These photos are hosted on a computer in my den using a Verison residential DSL line. Yes it is slow but it's free.

    BTW we were a group of divers, some of us considering doing maintenance work in the tanks so we were given a behind the scenes look. That is why some plumbing shows - I'm sparing you all from the worst of my pump, pipe and filter documentation shots.
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    Care to post a link to your site so we can all see it? :eek:

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