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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by funkychunkz, Oct 27, 2005.

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    I was thinking the other day, and I was wondering about those poor souls trying to use WYSIWYG html editors. Even if it's simplified and bare-bones, the app. can be confusing to work with, and make layouts the way you want. It would be cool if someone developped a screen shot style html etc. extractor (to extract code from other web pages) and made it availible as an add-on or small app.

    It would be much easier to find the basic idea, take the code and alter it later.

    What do you guys think?
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    Great. Automated copyright violation!
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    Why not just save the web page and just start editing from there?
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    You can if it is just a simple website but for CSS-based multiple-page design, you can't simply copy the HTML code as you don't have accessed to its CSS > Cascading Style Sheet.
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    Why not look at the source and find the URL for the CSS file(s)? I do this very frequently to learn how certain designs are implemented.
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    Best post of the day!
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    I think it would be much easier to spend some time and learn HTML and then create your own pages.
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    Well OBVIOUSLY, but I mean the people this would be aimed at are using WYSIWYG for HTML(why?), so they might not have the capacity to root through source code, much less actually learn a language.
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    Ever heard of English?

    In all seriousness, I believe I know where you're coming from and I think you've hit on something that would be of value to many people. However, the way you've described it so far is not particularly useful or enticing. There are quite a number of WYSIWYG web apps out there that do exactly what you've mentioned. Once again:
    I currently use BBEdit and GoLive for website development. Regardless of what you might think of GoLive, e.g. it can be a confusing mess (and I feel this way even though I use and rely on it daily), a user can create a new Site in GoLive directly from an existing URL. GoLive will download all the site assets required and open it up for editing. I can download, directly through the app, an entire heirarchy of website files and assets, simply by answering a series of questions. I don't know how much easier it can get.

    I get the feeling that you've had a brainstorm about the current usability of availble WYSIWYG tools, and that you believe there might be a better way to accomplish it. That's wonderful! If this is the case, then the key is defining exactly what it is that your "ideal" app would do, and exactly what functionality is required to accomplish what you envision.

    One of the reasons why I love programming is because I get to define exactly how an application functions, and I'm (personally) adamant about making sure that what I've created completely serves the person who sits at a computer trying to accomplish specific tasks.

    Brainstorms are great, but until you can literally detail how the user would interact with your app, it's just a vague pipe-dream.

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    If the style sheet is external, just figure out what file its stored in and go look at that. You have to have access to it, otherwise how would your browser download it?

    BTW, taking CSS designs can infringe copyright.
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    Absolutely! In the context of this discussion, IMHO there are two approaches.

    The first is all about finding someone else's work and using it as your own.

    The second is all about finding someone else's work and learning how they accomplished it.

    For the record, my comments are about learning, not about wrongly appropriating someone else's work.

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    You are right! I should have looked at the CSS code in more details to figure it out. I don't know it's possible till now.
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    Can you just do that with BBEdit?
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    Well, you can cut and paste source code from a web page into BBEdit (or any text editor, whether it's Text Edit, Text Wrangler, a terminal, or another code editor or WYSIWYG app).

    However, I haven't found a function in BBEdit that will automatically download all the required documents for a website. AFAIK, I'd simply open a site in a browser window, the "View source," then copy and paste into BBEdit.

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    Thanks for the clarification and AFAUK, only GoLive has that function to copy the entire heirarchy of website files and assets. Am I right here?
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    Correct. BBEdit doesn't download entire sites, but there are other apps besides GoLive that do have this functionality.

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