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Good news for iPod mini: Hitachi to boost 1" HD output

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 26, 2004.

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    Does anyone have any figures on how many minis have sold to date?

    Was Apple Hitachis only major client for these drives? Surely they ramped up for the 100,000+ preorder...and then probably, what, another 50 to 100k to cover assumed sales. What have they actually sold then already...200k+

    I wonder how many preorders are outstanding still in the US...?
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    does "sooner, than later" mean the global release date might be before July?
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    I hope so. I'm sick of Apple treating international users as second-class. Or, in the case of NZ, third-class.
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    Can't see it changing until Apple take the International market a bit more seriously by investing more stores. Japan got a tick. UK is next. Australia...2006?
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    Hitachi trying to save face

    The only reason Hitachi made this announcement is that they are the only bottleneck in the manufacturing of the iPod Mini and now they want to save face. Apple bought more drives from them than any other customer but Hitachi did not plan well for the possibility that the iPod Mini would be sold out so soon after its release. Despite the money they made from the deal, Hitachi propably believed all those people who predicted that the iPod Mini would not be a hit. Talk about making a bad call...

    What Apple should do now is make a deal with Cornice and the Compact Flash card makers to include their products in an iPod Mini revision. The highest capacity Compact Flash cards have a 4GB capacity so if these parts can be sold to Apple for the same price as the MicroDrives then there is no reason why they can't replace Hitachi's product.

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