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Discussion in 'Games' started by Togglehead, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Anyone know of any rockin old RPG's for Mac?

    I liked Chrono Trigger
    The Secret of Mana
    Mystic Quest
    Soul Blazer
    ...things like this
    menu fighting prefered

    Any suggestions?
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    Fallout I and Fallout II
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    Try the Avernum games from Spiderweb Software. These are properly old school, with the graphics to prove it, but the games are huge and totally immersive. 1 and 2 are the best, but they run on Classic only. 3 & 4 are OSX.
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    FF3 on the SNES was one of the best RPG I have eer played... so much fun.
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    All of the Avernum games are OS X native as well as all of the Geneforge games. No need to worry about running them in Classic. Great games all around, truely old skoool.
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    You're absolutely right - thank you, I had missed the patches from Classic to OSX. Gives me no excuse not to play them even more now :)
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    Get snes9x (proud to say I contributed to the mac version) for OSX and find various RPGs for the SNES. IMHO, the best rpgs ever made were on SNES. Square hasn't even made a good game since Chrono Trigger. They totally suck now.

    I suggest you find Tales of Phantasia. There's a patch to make it English. Same with Dragon Quest 6, and don't forget the US versions of Final Fantasy 4 and 6 (called ff2 and ff3)
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    Maxx Power

    Boo Yeah! And Arcanum, if you like that style of games.
    System Shock 1 and 2 are both very good too, they are First Person style RPG's.
    Deus Ex is also First Person/RPG that has a lot of RPG elements (character and development).
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    You want OLLLLD school?

    Kings Quest and Quest for Glory (both Sierra) awesome games (the later ones were much more fun).

    You'll have to get an emulator but just search these threads, they've posted them before.
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    pool of radiance / curse of the azure bonds / secret of the silver blades / pools of darkness...

    just grab them on home of the underdogs, either the mac pc (runs nicely in DosBox) or Apple ][ if you really are a zealot ;)

    These games are great.

    And why not give nethack a try?
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    The Avernum games are soooo great.

    Well, actually, I only played 4.

    Cause you see I'm old school Spiderweb, I played the original Exile Trilogy.

    In fact, my Avatar comes from the second exile, before Jeff made the graphics good.
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    this is all awesome guys thanks.....ill have to find an emu and controller pad....i just setup my PC with this and got sucked into some SNES RPGs listed above.....yes SNES DID make the best RPGs

    i look into these other things too...i played all of the FF series (even the imports), seen 8 Chrono Trigger endings.....blah em, but i want a new OLD game.....lif thats not too crazy
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    Come on, don't promote piracy...
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    Wow, you just brought back memories of playing Kings Quest 3-5 on my uncles old DOS machine. Mmm, ISA slots...
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    I asked this same question a while back.

    And people suggested fallout 1 and 2.

    I tried them, and was dissapointed.

    I want that Final Fantasy type game. Turn based, build a party, advance with experience ect.

    Doesn't seem to exist.
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    Real old school would be the Wizardry and Ultima series for the original Apple II. Emulators available. I was an especially big fan of the Ultima Series, but only made it 3/4 of the way through Ultima 4, but finished I-III.

    I've been meaning to check out the Ultima V lazurus remake. Essentially Ultima V rewritten using the Dungeon Siege engine. Old school rpg meets new school game engine = SWEETNESS

    Check it out:
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    Yeah, good point. Still there are games that were never released in the US that have been translated and are good. Check out Final Fantasy 5 for instance, which came between the US FF2 and US FF3. It has a cool job system for the characters where you are able to train as different things such as Knight, Black/White/Red/Blue Mage, Dragoon, Samarai, etc. and switch between jobs as much as you like. Very cool. Super long game though. I never finished it.

    Cool thing about the new Nintendo Revolution is that it will have the ability to download these old SNES classics for a small price for those of use who (a) don't want to pirate yet (b) don't want to fight with trying to find and buy these old games.
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    Phantasy Star I & II. Both great games. I actually like the first one better.
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    I play mostly web-based RPGs these days when I want my RPG fix, although that doesn't mean I don't play some of the classic console RPGs (like Dragon Warrior and Phantasy Star) from time to time ;)

    The two I play the most are Kingdom of Loathing and Legend of the Green Dragon (this game has multiple servers, the one I linked to is the server I play on).
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    The Avernum games are entirely turn based, and fit into the build a part, advance with experience model you like.

    I love those games you should check them out.
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    same goes for the ones I talked about (minus nethack). Ah, long gone are the days where you could thoroughly plan your party's battle plan and carry it out step by step :(
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    dont forget the original oregaon trail or maybe even bards tale.

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