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Good Online Games

Discussion in 'Games' started by Patmian212, Feb 11, 2005.

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    What are some good online games(not mini games)? I prefer free games but paying games are alright.
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    Okay, so I say this in almost all posts about games, but play StarCraft. It's the best game of all time in my opinion, and as that's only an opinion no one needs to argue with it... It's a great game with low system requirements and since it's old, it's cheap... I think I read about some free MMO's, but I don't know anything about them. Macgamefiles.com has shareware and demos and some full versions...
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    I would try (if I wanted some free games) the Medal of Honor Spearhead Demo, Medal of Honor Breakthrough demo, and BF1942 multiplayer demo. All three of them are multiplayer games that go online. They may only be demos, but they are very fun.
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    Hmm..I'd say anything that uses Battle.net. That would be World of Warcraft and Warcraft III, and Starcraft.

    If you're into first person shooters, I HIGHLY recommend Call of Duty and its Expansion, United Offensive.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Icant even tell you if they still play it but Return to Castle Wolfenstein has to rank as one of the all time greats online. Ill have to find a server so i can play with my mini.
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    Any free MMORPG? Which isnt incredably cheap looking?
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    redeye be


    Halo (2 bad M$ bought Bungie)
    Marathon (ROCKS! isn't this public domain now?)

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    I finished downloading mu online but I cant get it to work so now im trying out maple story and I will post a review later on... Anyone else know any good free MMORPGs
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    Clan Lord!


    It's not free but it's cheaper than most $80 a year with a year subscription a bit more month to month. Clan Lord has been around for years! CL was the first MMORPG for Mac. www.clanlord.com. check it out theres a free demo that allows you to interact with the entire community. Now don't let the 2d hand drawn graphics fool ya this is a great game and has held my attention for something like 6 or 7 years. It's got by far the best combat system there is. It's somewhat simplistic but it allow for a great deal of stratagy and group cordination. Clan Lord can have epic battles that can involve dozens of players at a time. Infact this game is about all community. Yes you can play the game solo, but it's real draw is it's friendly community. There are only 3 classes but each is heavly reliant on the others to the point that solo play is a challange and less rewarding imo. If your looking for PVP though this is not the game for you. Although there is limited consentual PVP it's not what this game is all about. Like the Macrumors community it is very friendly and helpful and if you wander into town and ask for some help your sure to get a friendly smile and a tour. Ohh and unlike so many MMORPG's players of Clan Lord do RollPlay pretty extensively. Give it a try! ooh and don't forget all the news thats fit to print www.thoomcare.com

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    Sounds great but I need it for PC :eek:
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    Yea Marathon is now avaible as a free download.
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    Where can I download marathon and whats the official site?
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    there is a Java client they are working on. So hopefully soon!
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    redeye be

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    There are SO many EXCELLENT and totally unique freely downloadable mods/gametypes/etc. for Unreal Tournament 2004 that it's like buying one game and getting dozens.

    Try the demo--it's good--but it only scratches the surface.

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