Good price for used iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by puma7, Jul 11, 2008.

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    What is a good price for a used iPod Touch? $175? $150?
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    Be better if you could post what GB it is and if it has any big scratches/marks and then people would tell you what a good price is.
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    I sold a perfectly good (no face scratches and mild back scratches) 8 GB for $200 and bought a 16gb in equal condition for $275. I felt that both were very fair.
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    8GB. Some marks on the back. Comes with case, cloth from iPhone (he lost one from touch), no box or receipt.
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    Personally I would say start at $225 on Craigslist and see what happens. Remember you can get a refurb for $250 direct from Apple. I would take nothing less than $200.
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    No, I'm BUYING IT! :D

    New ones are going for $225 on craigslist because of the get an ipod w/ a mac deal...
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    I would say hold out until you can get one for $200. Keep making offers.
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    I just bought a new never-been-opened 32gig from Ebay for $390! :D
    I feel that is a great deal. It just came in the mail today! :D Now I'm just waiting on 2.0. :mad:
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    So is $175 a good price?
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    I got a minty 32gb for $300 haha. Now that is sweet.
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    With the get a free iPod Touch with a mac deal, what size is it? I plan to buy an iPod Touch, probably off eBay new late August, and hope the prices continue to go down, or stay cheap (I assume they will if the reason theyre all so cheap is because of the deal).

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