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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Sauron's Master, Mar 10, 2007.

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    Any recommendations for either OS X (preferred) or Boot Camp?

    Not anything MMORPG like WoW but single player CRPGs with an emphasis on excellent storytelling.
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    Are we talking about Diablo II or Starcraft type of games?
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    Neverwinter Nights is a pretty vast RPG, and it is available on OS X. It is a very good game, but it was a little much for me to take. I thought I'd beaten the game, and rather the game ending, I found that I'd only beaten the first Act :).
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    Final Fantasy VI(III) :)
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    But, you have to have a pretty powerful machine.
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    The best rpg ever - KOTOR
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    Neither...the question is about RPGs.

    And to answer: if you can take the retro look, I find the RPGs of Spiderweb Software are usually more fun and have more interesting stories than most of the big budget stuff.

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    I should add a little more to my request.

    Out of the major RPGs, I've played the majority excluding Oblivion. I'm looking for titles in the style of Baldur's Gate II which I thought was most excellent. I recently played Jade Empire and it was excellent as well. Either way, I'm looking for a diversion until some good NWN II modules come out or I find time to get BGII working properly with the user mods I'd like to use.
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    Yup...that going to be one of the best you can get.

    KOTOR 2 was good, but the end was terrible. The rest of the game was an improvement over KOTOR 1

    But I'm pretty sure only KOTOR 1 is out for Mac
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    I can't believe I forgot about KOTOR! Buy it, and play it. Seriously.
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    What about Super Mario RPG? :)
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    Played both KoToR games. :\
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    Seconded - particularly the Avernum games. The graphics may look dated, but the storytelling and sheer size of the games more than makes up for this. I have replayed each of these several times.
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    You'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck than the Spiderweb Software games. I tend to prefer the Avernum Series(Blades rocks, pretty much unlimited RPG goodness) but the Geneforge series can hold it's own. Neverwinter Nights is worth a good bout as well, you can sink quite a few hours into that.

    Heroes of Might and Magic is out, I've heard mixed things. I don't have the time to sink into it right now(i've got a stack of PS2 and Cube RPGS to hammer) so I won't try it for a while. I didn't think Kult was too bad, least it kept me busy anyway for the price.
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    Vampire: Bloodlines is a very good RPG. Only runs on Windows, though.
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    If you have internet(you posted here didnt you!) theres a couple three Webish RPG time killers I play. They all are pretty decent.

    First Star Online is a cheap(or free) MMORPG, its a little one no group stuff really but there's a lot to do and some nice people on there. It's free or you get some extras for a 1 time $25 registration.

    Adventure Quest is a cheap(or free) web based RPG that has quite a bit to keep you busy. Again this one is free or you full access for a 1 time $20 registration.

    Dragon Fableis the spiritual successor to Adventure Quest. It features an updated engine and a PvP arean. This one is free or a 1 time registration of 20-30 dollars depending on how many charectors you want "upgraded".

    I have them all, and I've paid for them all. The hours I've sank into them all ends up being fractions of pennies per hour. All pretty cheap entertainment.

    And for a quick 5 minute RPGish fix their is Earth 2025, I'm told it's the reason Al Gore invented the internet.
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    My favourite game of all time. Only Baldur's Gate I & II come close, but Planescape: Torment is just something else... a fantastic story that's so far above the narrative quality of any other RPG I can think of. I can't recommend this game highly enough.

    In fact I'm tempted to go and install it on a Windows 98 Parallels VM right now and play it through for a third, or is it fourth, time!

    As far as more modern games go, I really enjoyed Oblivion on the 360. I thought it was a real improvement on Morrowind, which was pretty good itself.
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    I saw this thread and my first thought was Chrono Trigger.

    I realize it's not for OS X (unless you count through an emulator), but it's possibly the best RPG ever. Definitely one of the few to really hold my interest throughout the entire game.
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    ooo i lovee these kinda online games ;) ;)
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    The Spirit Engine is quite good RPG for Windows, but plays quite differently to most standard RPGs.

    I'd say either Tales of Symphonia or any Pokemon game.
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    I also have to recommend Planescape: Torment. It will run great in Boot Camp or Parallels.

    I think it beats the Fallout, Baldurs Gate and KOTOR series. All of these are terrific and come in Mac native versions. The PC versions might be faster in Boot Camp though because of Rosetta.

    Story-wise Planescape is way better than Oblivion - although Oblivion is an amazingly immersive technical marvel. I am playing through Oblivion for the second time (first on PC, now on PS3). You will need a MacPro with at least a 1900XT to really enjoy this game.
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    There's no UB patch, and it bearly runs under Rosetta. <----Talking from expierience.

    I'd reccomend Final Fantasy VII (yes, there's a PC version). I picked it up brand new and pretty cheap on eBay. It's a classic.
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    Arcanum was a cool RPG back in the day...

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