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Good small Apple oriented gifts?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Wano, Dec 10, 2004.

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    I am heading of the mall here in Cherry Creek, Denver. Most of my family uses macs, and I would like to get them something to compliment either there computer or iPod, but just something small. What do you guys recommend, say around $30, that will be a little fun?
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    iTunes gift card? That way they can decide what music they want.
    iPod accessories? Cases? headphones? mic?
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    iPod Socks for everyone!! :D
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    iPod socks would be cool. However, I gave my sister an ipod for her birthday with two cases already, besides her and me no one else has an ipod.
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    The nice thing about the Socks is that with a little modification, you can have some Apple-branded mug warmers! :p
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    haha. that is great! maybe i can be real cheap and get one pack and give one to everyone! :p jk
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    If they use laptops, I love the Kensington mouse with the retractable cord, it's small and keeps things neat in the bag, I think it was about $25.
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    I havent been to the store in a month or so, but last time I was there, the acessories section was kind of lacking. Might want to check online. Otherwise, software is allways good. Got any gamers in the family? Maybe an iTrip or iTalk.
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    get them some NBA tickets
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    ummm.......ok maybe those hp ipod skins, seem cool but have not used them myself. iTunes gift cards do seem the safe bet.
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    Maybe not as fun but if they're real Mac aficionados you could get them Mac related books, like:

    The Cult of Mac by Leander Kahney or Apple Confidential by Owen Linzmayer.

    (Is MacRumors an Amazon affiliate?)
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    Duff-Man says..the is a *Macintosh* message board - our world does not revolve around the NBA - they won't even let players wear iPods during game warmups....oh yeah!
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    iTMS certificates
    iPod Socks
    more RAM (OS X loves it....you should too!)
    A book like Mac OS X Panther Hints. I'll double check the title in the morning... but some book that isn't too over their heads but will allow them to do much more cool stuff with their Mac.
    A G5
    A big chocolate bar
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    I just bought some more Iklear....
    I would say an isight b/c alot of your family uses macs...but thats expensive....
    Does apple just have normal gift cards that can be used for anything in the store?!?
    What about a subscription to a mac magizine like macworld or something like that.... how much is that?
    What about a book related to macs, there's alot out there
    What about rewarding yourself and getting a dual G5 with a 30" monitor...?
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    So sad that I knew that. Great one!

    I'm going to go with the last one.
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    I've already given one iTunes gift certificate out this Christmas season, rendering a new switcher quite happy. Just make sure the recipient has an OS X Mac or Windows 2000/XP -- a lot of people still use Windows 98 or even in some cases OS 9.
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    I like the idea of buying myself a Dual 2.5 G5 with the 30"... :D
    iTunes is what I first thought of, although all my family is in Sweden...hehe. They don't have a iTunes store yet. Thanks for all the great itdeas! Good stuff for sure!
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    I bought ipod socks for a friend who doesn't even have an ipod. They just have really small hands.
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    It's not in your store, but how about redlightrunner.com?
    edit: They even have a section "Gifts under $20"


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