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Goodbye iPad. Hello Galaxy Note 10.1!

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by NZed, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. NZed, Aug 6, 2012
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    Well, its amazing.
  2. Oohara, Aug 6, 2012
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    I love the multiscreen thing, makes it so much more of a real productivity tool. It's really 1 up on the iPad there.

    I just wish it wouldn't look like **** :( Why couldn't they have left that hideous logo off the front like on the old Tabs?
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    Love the dual screen and I was anxiously awaiting Drag n Drop.

    The other stuff wasn't as impressive to me as there are plenty of note taking and photo editing apps that are equivalent.

    Is a stylus required for many of the features?

    p.s music is HORRIBLE. Come'on Samsung, you're supposed to be 'hip' and this demo music isn't cutting it.
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    Lots of copying and pasting in that video. Samsung has a lot of experience in that*.


    The music is simply awful, I had to mute it. :(

    *I jest!
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    True Samsung has "taken" some liberties but I do respect that they are in this game to win.

    I'm impressed with how aggressive S. Korea is. I remember my sister buying a Hundai car 25 year ago and thinking about how shoddy it was but it was cheap. Look at Hyundai now.

    I remember when Samsung was that cheap off-brand company. They were no better than Goldstar.

    These companies have worked hard over the years to build themselves up and Samsung has make some excellent investments in vertical markets (fabs, memory and display tech). Sometimes I wish Samsung would have bought Web OS and enjoyed the advantages that Microsoft, RIM, Apple and others that manage their own OS have.
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    You guys see something amazing, and you concentrate on the background music choice??

    I bet if we looked up the saying, "like casting pearls before swine", this thread would be an example link!


    j/k - You crack me up :D
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    Heh, makes one wonder though...where Sammy would be today if they'd only had a sense of style and marketing skills on the level of Apple's. I picture something like a Mortal Kombat 9 fatality when I imagine Steve Jobs seeing an iPad ad with music like this, and then turning to the person responsible...:D
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    You gotta admit that's some bad muzak! :D
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    What you see as amazing, I see as a huge burden on Samsung pushing out speedy updates.

    It does look like a great multitasker I will admit though. More cleverness coming from Samsung adding features to Android that it lacks at a stock level.:)
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    Well, it's true that I'm not someone who relies on updates to make me happy. I buy devices for what they do now, not what they might or might not do in the future.

    Especially since OS version numbers don't tell the whole story.

    For example, a lot of my iOS devices are a couple of years old, and even though they have the latest OS version number, they cannot run the latest cool iOS stuff.

    OTOH, I still have Android tablets that I've left on 2.3 simply because I like the way they work under it. Since I can usually run the latest version of major apps that I rely on, and I can install a custom launcher, I'm cool.

    The upshot is, as long as my devices do what I bought them for, I'm good :)
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    Very nice animations there. I wanna see real time application of their concepts. Multi-tasking how they portray in the video will be amazing and really challenge the laptop market soon.
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    For some reason that keyboard looks familiar...

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    I'm a bleeding edge kind of guy when it comes to software updates which is most likely why I've gotten into Android (and the Nexus line) so much with its breakneck speed in development. I started on Android 1.5 and have seen 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0 and now we have 4.1 in our grasp. Google have done so much in a little amount of time.:cool:

    I will hand it to Samsung that they are one of the more dev community friendly Android OEMs so folks like me who like tthe latest and greatest will most likely get our fill from custom firmwares on the Note 2.

    Its great for us to have the choices we have to be perfectly honest! :D


    It is, isn't it!

    I had similar thoughts when watching the vid.
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    Slightly off topic, does anyone know why the iOS keyboard doesn't show the current letter case on the keys like most other touchscreen keyboards do?

    It's always bugged me a bit that I have to look at the SHIFT key on iOS devices to figure out if I'm in upper or lowercase mode.

    Isn't the whole point of a soft keyboard, the fact that the key legends can change to fit the situation?
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    Wow - that tablet looks as elegant as the music.
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    Looks good to me but I won't use a lot of that copy and paste stuff, image editing etc.

    Multitasking looks pretty good.
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    I'd love to have that picture in picture thing. I'm on my tablet right now and I wish I could have watched that video as I was reading the post in this thread. I've always thought that would be useful too me.

    Its nice the video can play in the browser (flash?) but with that terrible music I don't know when there is an interesting part to scroll back up really quick.
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    May need this as a companion for my Nexus 7! I mean, it wouldn't kill anybody to have two tablets anyways would it?
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    I wish Apple gave us that multitasking... but I don't have high hopes for it.
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    Very very impressive. I realized I could do picture and picture on my Galaxy S3, so when I drive and am in dock mode, I have a video playing while turn by turn navigation is running. Everyone who see's it is shocked.

    I was the biggest Apple fan, but man was I missing out on Samsung/Android stuff.
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    Thank apple and their stupid lawsuits for that.
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    Its looks much more similar because caps lock is on so the letters are all captital like iOS always has them. The letters are normally lowercase which will look far less like iOS's keyboard. Also the layout is quite a bit different. The only thing really similar is the color scheme and even that isn't identical.
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    Well, from what you can see in this video- it is. Personally I don't thnk many iPad users will switch to Sammy. $750 is not a competitive price for the first-time buyers either.
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    Is everything new from Samsung some sort of Galaxy?
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    Suck on that iSheeps mwahahahaha
    Apple is left a thousand light years beyond once again!!!!
    Dead to Apple.
    How's your lawsuit going Mr Cook?

    Sorry I just got caught in the spirit of the lovely 10 year old trolls on every Android/iOS/Apple youtube video.

    This looks quite good, but now I wonder why the carry two 10" tablets, just because this one has the "special" stylus?

    And also, pardon the ignorance (haven't been up to speed on Android tech as of lately) but isn't this kind of multitasking not available on every Android device?
    If so, this means the Android version carried by this device will be a "special cooked ROM by Samsung, not available on any other Samsung device"?

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