Goodbye Turntables....The New DJ Revolution: mp3j's (iPods)

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 9, 2003.

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    Cute, but not functional, and it wouldn't sound cool. I'll take a pair of 1200s any day thanks.
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    That's silly. Maybe if it worked as well...
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    While I couldn't see someone sitting down with just an iPod to scratch, I've seen people do truly amazing things with a Powerbook running Ableton Live, Traktor, and Final Scratch. I think that digital DJing *does* have a future, just not on the inaccurate iPod scroll wheel :rolleyes: .
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    If you think about it low level DJ'ing like for school dances. How easy would an Apple Solution be. Get a powerbook, itunes music store. Buy only the songs you need. Plug your powerbook into some nice speakers and a cheesy lighting system. You have a DJ for school dances or weddings. Charge 400 bucks a night. I have a buisness going.
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    Y'know, I remember a thread a few months ago here about iPod post saying how stupid it was, followed by PAGES of folks who said, basically, "I'm doing it now, I'm doing it well, and how stupid is that?"
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    MP3Jing is FUN

    Hey guys, mp3jing is fun. It's for the crowd. It's not dumb. What's better than drunks with iPods?

    The club's name is Dreambagsjaguarshoes and the event is called noWax. The concept for noWaxis simple: MP3s, not wax. iPods, not decks. On noWax nights, mp3j’s bring their iPods and wait for the automated projector above the DJ booth to flash their number. They then plug-in and mix three songs back-to-back against another mp3j. noWax is a public competition very similar to ‘Rap Battles’, a la Eminem’s movie 8 Mile.

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