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Goodreader, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Aluminum213, Aug 12, 2012.

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    this app never goes on sale and I'm thinking of just getting it at the $5, worth it?
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    It's a good app. Remarks and Notes Plus are better.
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    No! I deleted it.
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    I love it and use it several times a week.
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    It's great for transferring files wirelessly, as well as annotating PDF's and reading PDF's (better than iBooks).

    I use all of these functions daily, it's definitely worth it!
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    Use it regularly to maintain document libraries on iPhone, iPad. Mainly PDFs. I don't usually annotate them. I use other software for writing. Works great for me.
  7. JacaByte, Aug 13, 2012
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    Edit: Talking about a completely different app, please disregard/delete this post.
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    Yes definitly have it and love it.
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    It's absolutely worth it. I use it on the iPhone and iPad. To me it's the Swiss army knife of iOS file management. Also great to connect to all kinds of cloud storage. Plus an awesome PDF reader with great annotation features.
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    Great app, use it all the time for PDFs and to annotate PDFs. Link it with my DropBox and I have a great solution.

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