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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Salvador22, Jul 9, 2011.

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    I just got my iPad 2 only 3 days ago and have been looking for a new case. I really like the idea of a bamboo case and today searching I happened upon a google ad for "GoodWood Cases" It looks like they have some good options and the are made in the USA (which I happen to like). They are priced quite well at $69.99. It even says they can do custom laser engraving (although they don't say when or how much). They look like a new company by judging their blog and twitter pages so I am wondering if anyone has tried one yet? The photos on the site look good but I would like to see one in person first.

    Anybody out there try one? or even one of their iPhone 4 cases? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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    Not heard of them before but certainly look interesting.

    There is also Grove @ who are based in Oregon and make a similar product although their's comes with a leather smart cover. They seem to have a pretty good reputation judging by feedback on this forum as well as on their Facebook page. I've got one of their's on order although it's a long wait as they are hand made and they are a small company.
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    Nice looking cases! But I wonder how the wood holds up over time, if it warps at all from temperature / humidity.
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    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I am also unsure how wood holds up over time but in all honesty Ill probably replace my iPad 2 in 1-2 years whenever something better comes out haha.

    I have looked at Grovemade but at $139 for laser engraving it is just to expensive (almost double the standard $69.99 version from goodwood). I wonder too about the "pressure fit design" of Grove? The GoodWood case looks like a slider style case. Does the Grovemade case really take 8-10 weeks?

    I don't know maybe Ill just have to order one of the GoodWood cases and try it out. I am going to send them an email and ask some more questions.
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    I agree the Grove case does cost more but it also comes with a really nice leather smart cover which can be used separately. Also it doesn't need to be engraved and if you get a plain one it is a bit cheaper. I ordered it more for the smart cover then the case as the smart cover on it's own cost $99 . I also got mine as deal of the week design so it was discounted so the engraving didn't cost extra.

    They are small company and everything is hand made although using special machinery. I believe ever since they announced pre-orders the demand has been great and they are struggling to full fill orders. That's why they state 8-10 weeks for shipping.

    I hear what you say about the pressure fit design as opposed to the slider design by Goodwood. I'm Hoping that's not going to be an issue. As far as warping we shall have to see. I am assume g they treat the wood to prevent this or at least keep it to a minimum. As I stated before I'm more interested in the leather smart cover and the wood case is more of an extra or bonus. Having said that I could have got the smart cover on it's own for $30 less.
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    Thanks for the feedback Mr. C I looked a little closer at the Grove cases and see what I missed on the pricing there. You are exactly right. Dont get me wrong I like the Grove cases a lot. It is the wait, I just don't think I can be that patient haha. I really like the design of the week deal, that is a great idea.

    I did write an email this morning to GoodWood and was very surprised to see a response already in my inbox. They sound a lot like Grove or maybe how Grove started. They tell me they are a group of 4 guys that started doing this as a hobby and it has just grown into a real business. They are located in Ybor, FL and asked for feedback (I told them their photos could be better).

    The laser engraving adds $35 to the iPad 2 case price and $25 to the iPhone 4 case price and is available now (I guess they are working on getting on the website still?) They offered to send me some example photos if I was interested.

    I went ahead and ordered a regular Bamboo iPad 2 case and will let you know how it turns out, they said it should arrive on Wednesday :)
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    No worries. Sounds like GoodWood might indeed be similar to Grove in those respects. I am a bit surprised they are able to ship their products so quickly. They do look good on their site and hopefully are in real life. Hope it works out for you and let us know what you think of the case once you get it. I'm sure others here would appreciate your feedback as there doesn't seem to have been any discussion of them here before. Again good luck with the case.

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