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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by clubmedia, Jul 1, 2003.

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    if you guys don't know yet about Google's Adsense i highly recommend getting familiar with it.

    imagine banners on your sites being custom taylored by google's search engine specifically geared towards the text content on each page.

    you can track how many impressions of your banners and see the amount of money you have generated in pretty much real time.

    just make sure if you read the terms agreement carefully. discussing your actual profits can get your account deleted.

    i highly recommend trying it though.

    here's plenty more info on adsense
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    no web dev guys in here?
  3. arn
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    heh... I'm here.

    there are adsense ads running on this site.

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    i know you guys are, i am trying to help the everyday web dev guys aware of the possibilities too.

    this is a great service with Google's backing. good stuff
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    Yeah, I put them on my forum (which currently gets 0 traffic :eek: :() but I just wanted to give them a go and see what they were all about, by far the best type of ads IMO, they don't ruin your page either as you can customise the look of them.
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    You might get more discussion here, in the web dev forum. :)
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    Please avoid breaking the Google Terms of Service. (fraudulent clicks etc...) People have been kicked out (of Google adsense) for less.

    so... please don't. :)

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    *slapped wrist* sorry arn :D
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    Yeah, that's one that you should not do.

    There's this site I report news for called The webmaster told me, and others on the site over iChat to click on the ads multiple times. He did aswell.

    But then Google didn't give him the $100, because of 'invailed clicks'. they must have traced ths IPs or something.

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