Google Chrome Browser, Google Drive Coming to iOS [Now Available]

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Google announced today that it is releasing a version of its Google Chrome for the iPhone and iPad. The company says it will go live on the App Store later today. Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter predicted last month that Google Chrome was coming to iOS.

    While Chrome for iOS will include a number of key features, including incognito mode and tab syncing across devices, the browser will still use Apple's WebKit-based engine required by the App Store developer guidelines. It also will lack the Nitro JavaScript engine that Apple uses to speed Safari's performance. But, there is one main obstacle to Chrome on iOS, as noted by The Next Web:
    Google Drive -- the DropBox competitor released earlier this year -- also gained an iOS client. [App Store]

    Update: Chrome for iOS is now live on the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Google Chrome Browser, Google Drive Coming to iOS [Now Available]
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    oh my
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    Feed Me

    Cool, a chrome Android skin for UIWebView.
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    Can't wait to try them out.
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    I wonder if it syncs bookmarks and passwords.


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    More iOS users will have Chrome than Android users.
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    Apple, give us the choice!

    Competition leads to better browsers.
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    It does. It will sync bookmarks, passwords, and open tabs from all other chrome browsers you're logged into.

    Source: I'm watching the live stream.
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    This is essentially gonna be safari with a chrome tab interface. The engine is pretty much identical to safari. Its not like the android version that blows the lid off in speed of every other mobile browser.
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    Annnnnnd now the wait begins for a jailbreak dev to make a tweak to allow Chrome to be the default browser (pretty please?).

    Looking forward to trying Chrome out, though. And, of course, Google Drive.
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    This is welcomed news! Too bad though on the Apple default browser requirement.
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    And targeting more expensive ads!
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    Mazda 3s

    Jailbreaking will fix that pretty quickly :)
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    iOS Chrome requires iOS 4.3, while Android Chrome requires Android 4.0. Ironically that means that 99% of the iOS users can use Chrome, while only 10% of the Android users can.
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    This is great, I really wanted tab syncing, but didn't want to start using Safari once Mountain Lion rolls around.
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    Keep your Google off my Apple devices

    I am not a product
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    Open in Chrome

    They could ask developers of popular apps to have an "Open in Chrome" option like they do for "Open in Safari" and use the same code any app loads to open another app (chrome:// URL?). I could see RSS and Twitter apps implement this since they often have options for loading a URL into other services.

    Also Google could have an Instapaper-esque API that instead of saving something to a reading list lets people save to their list of open tabs.
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    Don't download it?
    Not that hard is it?
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    Browserchanger ;)
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    Thank you. Can't wait to switch now.....Ironically, among other features, Chrome handles displaying websites on high-resolution screens better than does Safari and I prefer one browser across all of my devices.

    The default browser thing is annoying but I can deal with it.
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    Doesn't the desktop version of chrome run on webkit anyways?
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    This is precisely how I feel too. :)
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    Hopefully now that we have Sparrow and Chrome in the App Store, enough people will complain to Apple and convince them to give users the ability to set default apps.
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    Definitely gonna use Chrome. And wait for the JB tweak to make it default. :cool:

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