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Google+ Debuts in App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 19, 2011.

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    As noted by MacStories, the new Google+ app offering users a number of features related to the company's new social networking service has just gone live in the App Store.
    Google+ is a free app designed for the iPhone. Google prefers that iPad users directly access Google+ via the web app available at google.com/+.

    Article Link: Google+ Debuts in App Store
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    Love the new Facebook app. ;)
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    Great! Now watch Google+ grow even faster!
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    I don't see it in the app store...
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    great, not compatible with ios 5. opening the stream crashes the app. screw you google
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    Yes, been waiting for this. Though I don't yet see it in the store.
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    Why are you using beta firmware and complaining about compatibility? Seems absurd to do so.
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    Does anyone have any invites still left for Google+?
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    Yay beta...
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    Google's sense of aethetics has always seemed far removed from my own, and this app is no exception.
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    Don't bother with this app on iOS 5. It'll crash doing almost anything.
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    Beta product on a different beta product and it doesn't work?

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    What? Not for iPad? I was looking forward to getting it on my iPad, because the web app sucks, both the mobile and desktop version. Why? Because not all features works correctly on the desktop version on iPad. And the mobile version... well, it's the mobile version. iPad is no mobile. It is mobile, but more a laptop than a phone/iPod.
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    It's not spread internationally yet. Wait a day or two.
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    Give me your gmail and I'll invite you. They don't have a limit on invites right now.
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    Google only supports released, final software.
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    Use the links in the article, but I think it's currently US only :( can't find it on the Canadian store
    PM me your email
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    Had to go old-school and add to Homescreen. No app in app store...:mad:
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    I'm actually surprised that it's invite only. Is demand really that high :confused:
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    Its in the iTunes Desktop Store. I tried putting it on my iPod Touch 2g, it says it is not supported. But what doesn't make sense is that it supports iPhone 3g and 3.1 OS or higher?!
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    I guess it doesn't matter that I don't even see it in the app store then.
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    Agreed. Disappointing! The mobile web UI is horrible and lacks features as liking comments, editing posts, posting links, sharing posts, editing circle names, and much more.

    The desktop web UI would work fine for iPad though, except that Mobile Safari doesn't seem to manage the post boxes. I can't give the status post box focus on my iPad. Perhaps improved in iOS 5?
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    Copy the link from the article above and it will open to the app in the store

    Does anyone else use 2 factor authentication with Google?
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    Yep. Falls all over itself.
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    Google+ not compatible with ipod touch

    So doesn't feature in app store on ipod, downloaded on mac, sync'ed and then got this message: "The app Google+ was not installed on the ipod xxxxxxxx bexause it is not compatible with this ipod."
    HEY GOOGLE! One word: FAIL!!!!:confused:
    FACEBOOK might not be all that but at least it works on my ipod.

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