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google docs editing?? when? other office apps?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by DeuxIt, Oct 27, 2010.

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    when is google docs editing going to become native to the google app?? it was announced months ago to be coming in the next few weeks. hmmm....

    what office apps are w'all finding best suit all your cloud and device based document needs, these days?
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    They announced a month or so ago "real soon now". So who knows. I've been waiting for this since I bought my iPad. I guess we'll see it about the same time as when CBS was supposed to start providing shows for the iPad, which was supposed to be this Fall.
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    They? I do not get what you mean. Who is "they?" Do you mean Google, or do you mean the makers of Office2? If you mean, Office2, editing Google docs is already in there.
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    I mean Google. Do a search and you will find they made an announcement about a month ago that they (Google) would be introducing this feature in a few weeks.
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    i'm surprised there hasn't been a peep about since the announcement in september.
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    Office2 over Pages/Docs to Go

    Do you guys really like Office2 over Pages and Doc to Go?
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    I looked it up and did find the announcement you were talking about. I guess that I had forgotten about it.

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