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Google+ for iOS Gains iPad and iPod Touch Support, Not Yet Universal

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Google today updated its Google+ app for iOS devices, most notably adding support for the iPad and iPod touch. The app had debuted nearly three weeks ago as an iPhone-only offering.

    Unfortunately, while the app will now run on the iPad, the new version of Google+ is not yet a universal application. Consequently, it does not offer an iPad-optimized interface and is instead limited to displaying the iPhone interface at either 1x or 2x size.
    Google+ is Google's new social networking service that has seen relatively rapid adoption as a competitor to Facebook and other social sites.

    Article Link: Google+ for iOS Gains iPad and iPod Touch Support, Not Yet Universal
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    And yet relatively speaking i bet they have a native iPad release before FB does
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    Interesting, will try it out...
  4. Telephoner, Aug 8, 2011
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    If you change the UIDeviceFamily integer from 1 to 2(Info.plist) you will have a semi-native application.
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    Yay! Though the mobile version of Google+ works great on my iPod, it has no way of uploading photos. So glad the native app is available on iPod/iPad now :)
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    now theres a message for iOS 5.0 beta users

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    Is it so hard to create a iPad version?
    The iPhone layout is pretty simple and you just need to create another nib file...

    But I don't care. I will not use Google+ even if all my friends should join it (no one has yet). Google knows too much about everybody already.
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    In the meantime iPad users can use the mobile Google+ website. Worked fine for me on my iPod when the app was iPhone only.

    But look how long it took Facebook to release an iPad version. I'm pretty sure Google will release one a few years faster, but I think they are doing pretty damn good for a social networking site that still isn't open to the public.
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    Can you show how stream looks like?
    Does it work only on jailbroken device? I've tried on my iPad but it crashes on start.
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    The service isn't even out of beta, they didn't even need to make an iPhone version yet never mind an iPad version.
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    Even this 2x UI on iPad is more convenient than the ugly mobile web UI for me.
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    Whereas having facebook own and sell your information is a great alternative, clearly.
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    It's Google, it'll be in beta for the next 5 years. They don't want to wait that long.

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    That's what beta software is. Better that warning than the odd random crash for no apparent reason.
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    No native iPad version, but the iPhone one looks pretty good with Retinapad installed.

    By the way, does anyone have any idea why Retinapad isn't default behavior? It's such common sense that I'm surprised Apple hasn't implemented it.

    How about on iOS 5 on the iPad? I haven't tried that yet as I'm not a dev.
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    But the stream seems to load for me now in iOS 5! :D
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    Yet ironically it all seems to work now! :D
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    Ironic, given Apple's icon for universal iOS apps... !
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    OMG - that's what :D looks like on here? That's ghastly! Is there any way to change it, short of custom CSS in my browser?
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    Excellent news. Now I can turn off email notifications.
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    won't work on the 2nd gen. iPod Touch running iOS 4.0...... hmm....
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    Seems to work on IOS 5 Beta 5. Does not crash like it did before.
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    It seems a touch more stable than the last version but MAN that's one ghastly app.

    EDIT: mazz0, didn't mean to steal your word it must have been stuck in my head from reading the thread.
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    Still better than the Facebook app...but we all know Zuckerberg is coming out with a new facebook app with Ipad support...that one will be awesome.
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    I actually don't mind the current Facebook app. I know I'm in the minority though.

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