Google Glass Will Soon Add Text and Navigation Support for iPhone Users

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 3, 2013.

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    Google Glass will soon gain stronger interoperability with iPhones, allowing iPhone-owning Glass wearers to access text messages and navigation on the device. Currently, only Android phone users can access navigation and texts on Glass via a special companion app.

    Google Glass pulls data from the iPhone's cellular connection via Bluetooth tethering, but until now a number of Glass functions were limited.
    The $1,500 Google Glass is currently limited to a select few users but is expected to ship next year at a significantly reduced price.

    Article Link: Google Glass Will Soon Add Text and Navigation Support for iPhone Users
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    So if you don't have a tethering plan, no soup for you?
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    You don't need any tethering plan for using Bluetooth...
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    Drunken Master

    Yo dawg, I heard you like to iPhone while you Glass so I put an iPhone on your Glass so you can iPhone while you Glass.
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    Connecting via BT is NOT tethering.
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    Nice, I can't wait to save 2 seconds each time I don't have to pull my iPhone of my pocket to see my text messages. Totally compensates for the fact that everyone will hate me for possibly be recording them at any time.
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    Though it was put Glass in your iPhone?
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    I can't wait for this to fail in a spectacular way. Nobody wants to talk to someone who may or may not be paying more attention to text messages beamed onto his retina. Add in the possibility of archiving video of every conversation and the societal backlash will be brutal.
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    Please make these illegal while driving. I get sick to stomach thinking about people driving and getting texts that flash at them in the exact spot you need to check before making a left turn into oncoming traffic. Shivers. Yes, I'm also a motorcyclist.
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    Should probably make that iWatch illegal while driving too.
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    Good thing Google is also into self-driving cars, I think they need to make sure mass production of these glasses coincides with their cars. :p
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    That's the reason for the LED that glows when its recording. So you know and can smack the person.

    Then again as soon as this goes public someone will root the software to turn off the light.
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    I would never "wait for anything to" fail. Decca told the Beatles in 1962 guitars groups were on the way out. HP told Wozniak computers were not for the home. The brass at Xerox laughed at the idea of a "mouse" for a computer.

    Sit back and see what happens, because nobody has a ********* clue.
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    The distrust won't last....

    I bet people said the same thing about cameras in stores, buses, etc. Over 10 years ago, if someone proposed that people would post a list of their friends in a public place, many people would say he was crazy.

    You might hate it, but your children might not even care. The mugger would also hate it when he sees the 'red LED' blinking on the old guys glasses. (Not saying that you are a bad guy)

    The question is, "When there are cameras all over the place, who gets to see what is recored? The just government, everyone, or something in between...
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    Boy, I can't wait to live in a world where every move I make is recorded and uploaded to the internet by somebody.
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    Good news! Your wait is over.

    It's already happening, most simply aren't aware, or locked in denial until at some point in the future, the truth is revealed.

    My Great Grandfather had no idea that smoking was bad for him. Nor did any of his friends & professional colleagues know it either. That fact took years to be revealed. Call it a bad example if that soothes your nerves, but this is hardly any different.

    The devices in our pockets or carried on our person are the tracking tools the Feds, Employers, and Insurance Companies dream of. And it doesn't cost them a dime :D
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    Soooo I have Apple recording my Siri inquiries and google logging EVERY interaction I have with their glasses?

    No thanks.
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    I'm still baffled that this is really being sold.
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    I'm not a fan of Google's ethics, but reading all the Google bashing on this website... it's really entertaining for all the wrong reasons :)
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    I'm still not interested and never will be because, get this, it's a shocker:

    I don't want to wear glasses.
    Don't even own a pair of sunglasses.

    If people go bananas for this, good for them.
    Not for me.
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    You and me both.., unless of course i can airplay a movie to the google glass, and its got a built in speaker that discrete enough i can watch a movie when we have those boring team meetings :D
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    #Gl*******s and #Gl*******Wannabes are rejoicing, no doubt.
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    No offence, but if you're so concerned about security/safety, you should probably quit reading information on technology websites and dare I say you have an iPhone 4S/5 with Siri turned on. AI and augmented reality is the future.. deal with it. :)

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