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Google I/O 2013

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by strausd, May 3, 2013.

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    Let's start talkin'! Let me hear your wildest predictions and every dream you want to come true at this year's Google I/O.

    Updated Nexus 4? X-Phone? Nexus 5? Nexus 7? Nexus 10? Google Glass? I want to hear what you have to say on everything!
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    Google are starting to get a real grip, I can sense it.

    This is the first event that has me truly excited for what they might demo.

    As for what, you've probably named them already.
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    I'm hoping to see the next version of android and a new N7.
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    I would like to see a Google Motorola flagship phone that would rival the iP5, S4 and HTC One, a no compromise device made from top quality components and cutting edge software, the price would probably go up but I would be willing to pay the extra. I would like it to be complimented by a syncing programme that would work seamlessly on PC and Mac, Kies and Android file transfer are hit and miss at the moment (IMHO).
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    Moto has been relatively quiet so a major update to keep them from falling too far behind samsung and htc is needed.

    The droid models seem somewhat popular but they need a major head turner like the HTC One.
  6. mattopotamus, May 3, 2013
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    I heard from someone who does the sales flow at ATT that they have been working on something for a motorolla phone that is set for a december release. I don't think this person would lie as he is older and doesn't search tech news. He seemed shocked when I mentioned the rumors of the phone. Maybe we will get official news of it.

    Nexus 5, 4.3 featues, babel, nexus tablets
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    I'm very keen to see an updated Nexus 7.
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    I just saw where Slashgear is reporting that LG has been tapped again to make the Nexus 5. I don't mind that as I believe they did a great job with the Nexus 4.


    I have no idea if this is true, but if it is, I hope we get a preview at I/O. I doubt we will, though, since the Nexus 4 has only been out since November.

    As for what I'd love to see in the Nexus 5? Give me LTE and a better camera and I'm sold. That's the only reason I've continued to use the N4's little brother, the Optimus G.

    I'm pretty excited for I/O, though. Hopefully Google will knock it out of the park.
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    Yes, fair comments, I think that LG pulled it out of the bag for the Nexus 4, I don't need LTE ATM because there is none in my area, I don't use my phone camera that much, and TBH, I was very lucky with the battery on my N4, seemingly outperforming other non power users, so all in all, I have no complaints with this phone. I also wouldn't mind seeing them given another go. :)
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    I want to see the the new Motorola phone and Babel.
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    My predictions are more modest.

    I foresee nexus 4 with 32gb version replacing the price point of the current 16gb (and the 16gb replacing the current 8gb point, just like they did with the nexus 7). I also foresee lte radios too. This will make the value of the nexus 4 wildly popular and good.

    I don't foresee new hardware regarding the nexus 5.

    I might see Motorola phone X; I feel like that's 50/50. We will see this year's nexus 7 from Asus though. Not much else.

    We'll get key line pie preview of course.

    That's it.
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    Preview or something a bit more substantive?
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    I've actually been really impressed by the Nexus 4 (more than I thought I would be). Keep in mind that I've only played with an actual N4, but I think the OG is a good representation of the N4 considering how closely related they are.

    And I felt exactly the way you do before they lit up LTE in my area last November. It's not that I couldn't live without LTE (it's not as fast in my area as it is for others because of some stupid regulations), but it is faster. I think I could easily go back to HSPA+ and be fine, though.

    And while I've heard lots of people complain about the camera on the N4, I would assume it has the same camera as the OG, which I've been pleasantly surprised with. It's not as great as the camera on my S3 or iPhone 5, but I didn't expect it to be going in. But it's definitely serviceable and will take good shots if it's needed.

    I definitely agree with both of these, although I'm not much of a Motorola fan myself. I love the build quality and if it comes with stock Android, I'd have to give it another look.

    Babel, on the other hand, I'm really interested in. I think it has the ability to really bring messaging on Android to the level of iOS. Why do I say that? Because that's the ONLY issue I've always had with Android is the messaging. My wife has an iPhone and she's constantly wanting to send me multiple pictures at once and Android phones want to play these as slideshows (at a lower resolution). I have to remind her to only send one picture at a time.

    Then there's the stupid carrier restrictions on the size of picture messages that apply to Android phones but not iPhones. If she sends me a picture, I get it in full resolution. If I send her one, I have to dumb it down to 300k or less or it won't send. Even using Handcent (which is always the first thing I install on any Android phone), it has to shrink the size down to send. But this seems to be a carrier issue, not necessarily an Android one. I just wish the playing field were level on this one thing. Hopefully Babel will fix that.
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    My predictions:

    Nexus 4 with 32GB
    Nexus 7 (2nd Gen)

    Android 4.3 (rumors say KLP will launch with next Nexus in fall)

    Android Game Center launch. (Cloud save and sync of Android games, play with friends, leader boards, etc)

    Google Babel Launch on Android, iOS, and Chrome. (It will sync across platforms and merge SMS/MMS, G+ Messenger, and G Chat into one app)

    Google TV update. (Possibly a pure Google TV to compete with Apple TV with a really low price like $50-$80)

    Some showing off of Google Glass. (Emphasis on its design guidelines and how to build an app for it)

    Chrome and Chrome OS updates

    A HUGE emphasis on Google's new design language "Kennedy" (Google Now Card style with a lot of flat design). We may even see some of this in the new version of Android but I think definitely in KLP.

    All attendees will walk away with a new Nexus 4 32GB, a Nexus 7 (2 Gen), a new Google TV, and maybe a pair of Glass. (Pixel is too expensive I give away I think).
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    Who knows, really. Does it make more sense for them to ship KLP with the Nexus 5 than with the new Nexus 7? Don't know.
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    If they add LTE to the nexus 4, would we have to buy a new one or could they just add it via update?
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    The Nexus 11 comment may be right on. These specs were posted as the rumored specs in a thread on an Android site I vist.

    NEXUS 11*
    - 11” Super PLS TFT screen
    - 8 Megapixel (rear camera)
    - 2 Megapixel (front)
    - octa-core A15 / A7 big.LITTLE chip (Exynos 5410)
    - microSD 64 GB
    * Needs to get approvement from Google

    My Acer seems to be on its last legs, the internal memory seems to be flaking out after only 2 years. If these specs ring true, I'll be first in line for one. I was already considering upgrading as I was running low on storage (16 GB internal storage in my Acer), the recent issues are pushing it.

    For what it's worth, Samsung is tapped for building it again. Their self-branded tablet will have a less powerful processor in it.

    Thread from that forum, for reference.. http://androidforums.com/android-lounge/716154-confused-about-samsung-tablets.html
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    Google wouldn't want to sell a Nexus device with 64Gb storage - the most they offer right now is 32Gb in the Nexus 10, and just 16Gb in the Nexus 4. They want people to move towards cloud storage.

    And there's even less chance that they'd approve something with an SD card slot!
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    Good question - I don't know given the somewhat confusing rumors and articles that came out earlier this year that said the N4 had LTE support then said it was only for a certain band......

    Would be incredibly awesome if they could "flip a switch", but I highly doubt that's the case.
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    Their new messaging app, the 'Game Center" like thing, Android 4.3 JB update, new Nexus 7, updated 32GB Nexus 4 + LTE, more about Google Glass (mainstream version), and Google+.

    OH, and the KLP logo <3 always excited for the logo revealings!

    I seriously doubt they will reveal Key Lime Pie at I/O. They are going to reveal it at a fall device (either a new Nexus device or the rumored 'X' phone, that is if they are not one and the same) launch event.
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    I think I'm gonna wait an extra week for Google I/O before jumping on the S4, if this upcoming X Phone is coming.

    Another issue is that AT&T always gets stiffed when it comes to Motorola phones. I don't want a POS like the Atrix HD.
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    I am about 95% sure we want sent the nexus 5. It is just too early. The nexus 4 was just released in Nov. They will wait until then to talk about the N5. I cant wait to see what KLP has to offer. I think k Babel is going to awesome. Maybe making it the best chatting app we have seen before. I know a lot of people are excited about the nexus 7 maybe being updated, but I don't have one. I think KLP is the key to the whole thing.
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    I see what you did there ;)

    ...or didn't intend to do.
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    Yes I did intend to. Thanks for noticing.

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