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    A few Google related news:

    Google in talks with Dish to start own carrier?

    Woah. If this comes to fruition, could be a huge step for them. Still kind of wishing they'd just buy Tmobile out.

    UPDATE: Wow, Google/Dish partnership is happening.

    ... we just got word that this is really happening. While the details haven’t been finalized, Google is already deep into development on plans to roll out the service and have it live by mid-late 2013...

    Google plans to make the service data-only with voice and SMS only being used as VoIP services, likely with Google Voice.

    UPDATE 2: More evidence of Google/Dish launching one carrier service with LTE?

    Popular Science names Google Now Innovation of the Year

    And last but not least...

    Only 0.5% of malware comes from Play Store

    Some nice stuff in light of their awful Nexus 4 launch.
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    I was actually just ruminating on the thought of Google having their own carrier. It seems that all carriers sort of impede on Google's "Don't be evil" campaign. I personally think they ought to start making all their own hardware, as well.
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    are there any frequencies open or would they have to buy someone?
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    Was the Nexus Q designed by Google? I thought I read something along those lines.

    Yeah, I sort of wish they would truly absorb Motorola and start making Google hardware. Though, in some ways, it's cool to get a different Nexus each year. Makes it sort of fun. Wouldn't be surprised if they eventually took control of their own hardware though. Can they make piece with OEMs if they do, though?


    Don't forget, they're already offering free calling and texting via Google Voice, and offering very affordable international calling via Google Voice.

    How are they doing that?
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    I've seen this rumor making the rounds lately. It is certainly interesting and I think the idea of Google as a carrier that provides texting, calling, internet and it's own mobile phones (among their other services) fits the company like a glove.

    Given their business model and their expertise on servers, Google could definitely offer a better product/service than competitors such as Verizon or ATT at a lower cost.

    I think starting their own carrier would be a logical step for Google. They'll be able to sell/distribute their Nexus devices without any hindrance from carriers and they could both start making their own hardware via Motorola and open up their carrier for Android OEMs that want to sign up to the Nexus program so that they get the benefits of timely updates and no carrier bloat or limitations.


    Me too. While it is nice to have several Android OEMs I would like to see Google take more control of the Android platform and become less dependent on 3rd parties like Azus, LG or Samsung for their own devices.

    I think Samsung may eventually end up forking their own version of Android (like Amazon) and turn their back on Google further down the road. I think Google should start doing their own thing now, make their own hardware and start boosting sales of their Nexus line.
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    Don't forget Google currently offers free calling and free texting via Google Voice, and really cheap international calls too. Amazing service.
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    Unfortunately, I have not being able to use it as it is not available in my country. But yeah, they already have one foot in the door; starting their own carrier seems like the next logical step.
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    It'd be cool if they could combine all those services in an data-only package, and then offer that at a fraction of what the big carriers with a whole package do. I'd switch in a heartbeat (if the service was good).

    Google really ought to start making profits on selling phones, though. That's why I think they should make some of their own phones. 80% of their revenue from mobile comes by iOS, and that's beyond wrong.
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    So Engadget's article is slightly more informative. It references Dish having already bought spectrum:


    Serious questions: why is that wrong? I don't get how that works. How are they making money off iOS? Aren't they providing their services to people?
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    Nothing wrong with opening up a product to as many users as possible.

    It's what Apple did to be a success. Think about it:

    Most of Apple's iOS sales these days must be from non-Mac owners. And before iOS, the iPod wasn't a hit until iTunes supported Windows PCs.

    So, because of iPod and iOS devices, most of Apple's revenue probably comes from people who wouldn't otherwise be classified as Apple users. (Which is one reason why it's dumb to believe everyone in an iPhone forum is also likely to be a longterm Apple supporter.)


    As for Google's revenue in general, mobile only accounts for about 10% right now.

    An important point is that most of that income does NOT come from mobile searches, which is why a lot of the guesses about "iOS = 80%" are bogus, and why not having Google Maps on the iPhone does not matter very much.

    Google has testified that the majority of their mobile income is from ads placed in mobile apps (via Google AdMob). From that, they average about $7 income per year from each device, be it Android or iOS.
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    Lets not forget google is releasing a new apps map with turn by turn to the AppStore.

    ...****ing *******s after years and years of no turn by turn. Once they get kicked off the iPhone for no turn by turn a few months later they have it
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    Dish is currently building a LTE only network, but companies like ATT is trying to force unrealistic rollout expectations through FCC lobbying. If ATT succeeds and the FCC imposes these expectations that cannot be met then Dish will be forced to cede control of their spectrum and sell it off.

    That being said I can see Dish working very well with Google. I used to work there and Dish management is absolutely in love with Google. A lot of the advertisement and data mining coding in their receivers and services are provide by Google Analytics.

    Dish Wireless could become the defacto carrier for the new future of Nexus devices running unhindered on Dish Wireless's LTE Data and VoLTE network.
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    So theoretically, how would this all work? Google/Dish, who I'll just call Googlish for now!, will offer unlocked phones with no contracts? I can't imagine Googlish issuing contracts since they're so anti-contracts, right? But how will they prevent people from just buying their Nexus phones and leaving? Will they maybe offer a cheaper version with only their radios, while also having a more expensive version with other radios?
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    Most likely we will see a full unlocked version and a subsidized version. They sell their TV DVRs the same way already.

    As for the buying and leaving part when this launches its going to be LTE only. The other carriers might have progressed to the point where they all have LTE and VOLTE and Google just packs all 5 US LTE bands in their phones.

    It is either that, Google makes an LTE only Nexus that works on "Googlish" LTE bands only (unlikely) or they do not even bring the Nexus line to "Googlish" and just offer support through other means.

    In the end as long as I get an Android device on it I will be happy. Dish tends to have pretty awesome tech (Sling and The Hopper). That and part of my severance from them includes free existing and new services for life! :D People outside of my situation with them can benefit from how much they undercut everyone else.
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    Nice man. Rock on.

    When you say subsidized, what are they subsidizing it for you for? A contract?

    Theoretically speaking, of course.
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    ... we just got word that this is really happening. While the details haven’t been finalized, Google is already deep into development on plans to roll out the service and have it live by mid-late 2013...

    Google plans to make the service data-only with voice and SMS only being used as VoIP services, likely with Google Voice.


    Dish owns LTE spectrum, don't they?

    So maybe this is how Google is planning to do LTE with their Nexus line?

    Dish's LTE spectrum purchase:
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    If this Google/Dish thing takes off, it will affect ATT and Verizon to some degree, but the two carriers that will have to really watch out, are Sprint and Tmobile.
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    That's pretty impressive. But for me, nobody beats Verizon. The one reason I'm not getting a Nexus 4.
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    If Google plans to really roll out their own service with LTE, and then offer the Nexus 4 (2013) with LTE... that changes everything about purchasing the Nexus 4 this year.

    Very big 'if' of course.
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    Thats pretty amazing news.
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    even if/when it happens, it won't for me for 2yrs, i just extended my Verizon service when i got the iphone5
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    So it is already underway. awesome, this will really shake things up in this sector.
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    i said it before, i'll say it again. i dig el goog's philosophy. apple just isn't on their level w/ out jobs. now send me my nexus!
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    Me too. I mean I love Apple, always have, and you would need to take my MacBook Pro out of my cold death hands as I would never switch to Linux or Windows. But I dig Google more than I dig Apple, even tho both are my favorite companies.

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