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Google Overhauls 'Currents' for iOS

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Google yesterday overhauled its news aggregation app Currents for iOS, revamping the design and adding features to make navigation more sleek and simple.

    The new design for the Flipboard-like app is just one of many redesigns that Google has done with its iOS apps, including Google Maps, Gmail 2.0 and YouTube. The update and app are free and available on the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Google Overhauls 'Currents' for iOS
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    probably the only app from google that I dont use.
    what are the chances google would bring google now to ios ?
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    the awkward moment when all the google apps look better than the native iOS apps ^^
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    Google is way faster at improving its designs than Apple at its web services.
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    That awkward moment when the top first page apps are mostly google apps...

    Why switch to Android when Google looks great and performs great on iOS?
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    I used to use Currents a while ago then it just dropped off. Perhaps I'll give it another look and see how it goes.
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    Cause google's founders are young and energetic?
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    I prefer Zite.
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    Rodimus Prime

    I believe they did or at least part of it. A good part of Google Now requires access to things Apple locks everyone out of.
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    Didn't know people used this app.
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    How about we update Google Voice to look this good... oh and let's finally get some support for MMS sent to Google Voice numbers.
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    me neither, just sayin. gmail app, maps and gvoice all look fresher imo
  13. Masterkona, Jan 25, 2013
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    can't speak for anyone else, but I'm boycotting google. I'll Duckduckgo from now on.

    After this horrendous excuse for a company ( the worlds largest data mine) caused Apples stock to drop, I will no longer use anything Google. Likewise I will never buy anything made by Samsung again. Remember, when you use google services you are the product. Boycott Monopolies, Say no to Google.
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    I've been using Google Reader as a news aggregator for a while. First time I hear about Currents. Hows does it compare?
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    I use an app called REEDER that gets my RSS feeds. Really don't see a benefit using currents.
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    and whats that got to do with the design? :confused:


    So your reasoning is Boycot Monopolies.

    This has to be sarcastic surely? You seriously dont think Apple hold a monopoly on anything?

    Also you do realise that once you opt out of ads (no idea why you would bother tho) Google doesnt track anything (again thats not really an issue unless you like wearing a tin foil hat).
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    I'm not sure that Apple has incentive to build better apps. They don't make money off of the native apps. But if they build mediocre apps, developers will come in and build better ones, sell them, and then they get to collect 30%. If your native apps are awesome, you discourage app developers from entering your ecosystem.

    Example: Apple's Podcasts is very mediocre. Downcast is FAR superior and costs $1.99. I happily paid it. And when I recommended it to my friends, 5 others bought it too. And just like that, Apple made $1.84. The exceptions would be apps that steered business towards Apple or collects data that Apple could use to its advantage.
  18. Masterkona, Jan 25, 2013
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    Apple doesn't have a monopoly on squat. Samsung is a POS Chaebol and doesn't invent anything. They get crap tons of money from Korea to build LCDs and to manufacture semi conductors. They took advantage of Apples success to copy it and to abuse existing patent law. Apple only lost in the Korean court due to corruption. The president of Samsung is a jerk that was found guilty of fraud and embezzlement , but was pardoned because he's the head of a Chaebol and is friends with the Korean leaders. This same court found in favor of Samsung, and has tried to ban subsidies for the iPhone. No surprise there. Anyone that buys anything made by Samsung is a Terrible human being.

    Google is a disgraceful company that is destroying America. By flooding the market with cheap electronics they make if impossible for anyone but Apple to make money. All competition besides Apple and Rimm will die because they cant compete with free. Apple offerw a better and safer os/ user edperience and therefore people will continue to pay for it.

    If Apple fails America and the world is doomed, since only Apple is making money that can be used to create jobs. Google pours its money into pathetic acquisitions and in trying to solidify its monopoly. Google is an evil company. Their purpose is to destroy America and to act as agents for the CIA in collecting your personal data. I'd rather pay good money for a quality product then have it so its impossible for anyone but google to make money. Apple does nothing to force people into buying their phones. They are more expensive and offer no price competition. People chose to buy Apple. They are forced to use Google/ Android if they can't afford Apple.

    Google owns Android. Google has a monopoly on search and web video streaming/ advertising. They use their monopoly to aggressively push Android Phones (Galaxy S/ Nexus 4). Galaxy S3 is the only android phone making money becaause it's what google is pushing and because it is backed by Chaebol.
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    One day soon, I'm gonna invent a time machine. When that day comes, the first thing I'll do is head back in time, find the guy who first coined "...you are the product", and smack him upside the head as hard as I can.

    Maybe it'll shame him enough so he'll never say it. Then, when I come back to the present, I'll never have to hear anyone ever say it again. It is the STUPIDEST damn thing people on Apple boards say.

    I mean hell. You've always "been the product" for Google. No one had a problem with this until they released Android. Now apparently it's this horrible thing, being able to use a product for free in exchange for demographic data.

    God, I tell ya. I wish some people would think about the things they say rather than hop onto the latest catchphrase bandwagon.
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    There is so much wrong in what you have written in this thread I wouldn't know where to begin.

    But let's play for a second. You hate Google and Samsung, right? Ok - so are you boycotting Apple for using Samsung parts in your iDevice? Are you using Search on your iPhone - what search engine is that set to?

    P.S. - Google hasn't flooded the market with devices (yet). They haven't manufactured any phones (yet).

    P.P.S. Apple, Google, Samsung, and every company only cares about you in relation to how much money you're going to help them make.

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    I use duckduckgo. I occasionally bing it. I for one don't like to get Scroogled :)

    Very soon there will be 0 Samsung parts in the Iphone.

    Android has made all carriers dependent on Google yet none of them are making money. Android is a ticking time bomb that will destroy America if it succeeds. Google = Evil.
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    Really loving the more unified design of Google's applications over iOS now.

    What I'd like to see next is an official Google Music client to use with my iPhone and I think I'd be pretty much set.
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    It's really cool that this forum has people so "in the know" on what's going on in the tech sphere. It makes me feel more important.

    ***NOTE TO ADMINS***

    Can you please update the functionality of the voting buttons such that I can vote on certain posts an infinite number of times? kthxbai
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    Rodimus Prime

    I just tossed him on my ignore list. There is no debating with people who are so closed minded and just plan wrong on so many levels.
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    If I have music playing and I launch the new updated Currents, my music fades out. It's like the backgrounded music API is commandeered by the Currents app immediately.

    Is anyone else getting this?

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