Google PacMan 'Doodle' Playable on iPhone OS

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 21, 2010.

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    In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man, Google has released a playable Pac-Man game "doodle" on their front page in place of their traditional logo.


    Written in Javascript, the game is playable on iPhone OS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) using swipe gestures. iPhone and iPod Touch users may need to switch over to "classic" from "mobile" (located at the bottom of the site).

    Article Link: Google PacMan 'Doodle' Playable on iPhone OS
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    To be precise...

    The trinket is written in Javascript, but uses Flash to handle audio. That's why you don't hear any sound from the game on iDevices.
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    been playing pac-man all morning...

    Congratulations Google!
    You just managed to halt all productivity everywhere today.
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    The gov't doesn't block google

    Oh man, I've been playing all morning. I'm glad the gov't doesn't block Google! I feel bad for wasting your tax dollars. Okay, I won't play any more. Back to work.

    Okay, just kidding. I only played one game.
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    I'm not gonna start on how much I loathe government employees in all areas for reasons like this, so I won't go into the "Nobody Does Their Job" speech. No, the Gov doesn't block that on their computers, but that doesn't mean you should be playing games while you SHOULD be working, and working off of taxpayer dollars I may add. The Gov is the joke it is today thanks to things like this.

    I did come to this thread, however, to say how they should leave it like this permanently, but I think I retract that now. People that should be working aren't, because Google turned a standard search function into a game. I know in my mind too, that no one I know is going to pass by it without playing... Sad.
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    Small White Car

    So you never post here from your work?
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    buzz kill
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    Dude, it's Friday, lighten the **** up.
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    In all their recent acquisitions, did Google purchase MacRumors?

    I'm just saying's all.
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    dude you seriously need a sense of HUMOR.:D
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    Very cool that not only did Google do the Pac-Man tribute thing, but that they got it to work on the iPhone (which was of course no accident).

    The no-sound thing is interesting, though. Maybe Google is trying to convince Apple to support Flash at least for sound? :confused::D
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    Yes, government employees need to all have no lives and be nonautonomous machines. Work, slave, work!

    I'm sure "efficient" private companies have employees that post here online during work (like me, right now), and check the news, latest scores, have NCAA pools...

    Seriously man, lighten up, or go join your tea party.
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    Is it me, or does a soapbox rant coming from someone named SKIPPY have less impact than one from someone named JOE, BILL, TED, DEAN or just about any other common name?


    Just doesn't do anything for me... :D

    Disclaimer: This was a light hearted joke, no malice was intended. My deepest apologies if it caused undue stress or anxiety.

    P.S. If this reminds anyone of a great movie line (paraphrased since Google failed finding the exact quote) "Did you say BIFF? What a great name... I'll bet you never get depress with a name like Biff! Gee whats wrong Biff are you depressed? See it just doesn't sound right!" -- 2+ points extra credit if you know the movie!
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    Yes, I can play it on my iPhone but it not that great of an experience.
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    I was thinking the same's choppy
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    It's giving me like 2 fps! Fix your crappy browser Apple, if you want people to embrace HTML 5... give us enhanced javascript engines.
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    If you click the insert coin button a second time you get to play 2 player. This works in a full brower not sure if its possible on a iphone
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    Remind me to never, ever get a) trapped in an elevator with you or b) have the misfortune to attend the same parties...
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    lol :D

    I was surprised to see this today, brings up a lot of good memories :cool:
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    Judging by your blog, you seem to hate google ;P
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    Hang on, I'm gonna need 1.27 Jigawatts worth of brainpower to figure this out... :U

    The game is playable on my 3GS. Pretty fun, too. ^^
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    I work for a US government dept and in all honesty.... we are not paid enough to work all day long - so its bits of fun like this that gets us through the day... your tax dollars are hard at work skippy lol - now back to the game ;)

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    But he uses a google service for his blog. Contradicting? Ahhhhh!
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    Glad to see so many of us work for the Government...I work in IT Security. I recommend you review the personal use policy for government equipment again. Just saying... ;)
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    Dear Google,

    Thanks! How about something for the anniversary of Asteroids? ;)

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