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Google Play Music All Access is Coming to iOS Soon

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 30, 2013.

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    Google's new subscription music service 'Google Play Music All Access', which launched earlier this month, will be landing on iOS in the next few weeks according to Google's Sundar Pichai.

    According to Engadget, Pichai, speaking with Walt Mossberg today at D11, said the service was to be "universally accessible" and that "when there's a mass of users, we invest in more platforms."

    He did not give any more details regarding availability. For users who start a free trial by June 30th, the service costs $7.99/month and will cost $9.99/month for users signing up after that. The service is designed to compete with Spotify, providing songs on demand that can be streamed to a computer or mobile device.

    Article Link: Google Play Music All Access is Coming to iOS Soon
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    But (unlike Spotify, Pandora, etc.) will it be available in Canada? That the only reason I've had my fingers crossed for this iRadio thing all along...
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    Not available in Canada so far. I don't think Google Play Music is available at all in Canada, actually.
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    Canada, why!? :confused:

    Maybe you can get around it with a US based Proxy.
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    Is All Access available in the UK yet? I'm waiting for the iOS app and UK availability before I want to try it out!
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    Bit of a rubbish name isn't it? Google Play Music All Access... Hardly rolls off the tongue. Google have a bit to learn about branding.

    Just think, if they decided to launch gmail now rather than aeons ago, perhaps they'd call it: Google Play Electonic Mail Everywhere.
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    Another example of the walled garden, eh?
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    I can't wait for iRadio or whatever Apple will call it.
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    google play all access is awesome, i've read it's each and every feature, i also saw it's unveiling at the google I/O and personally i think it's better than spotify and pandora. but the thing is, i live in canada, and i don't think this service will be available in canada (at launch):(.
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    I think this Google graphic makes a much better mushroom cloud than the recent "Hitler Teapot" looks like Hitler.
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    I hope Apple somehow combines iTunes Match with an on-demand streaming service (iRadio, or w.e).
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    Been using the excellent GMusic to stream my uploaded/matched tracks on my iOS devices but an official app wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Looking forward to it. :cool:
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    Yes, no official app and the best app that works with it is GoMusic and you can't stream music on the go.

    Looks like a great system, but until the official apps comes out I can figure out how to stream it through an app, only through a sync of my playlists, etc...

    Am I missing something (on GoMusic App)?
  14. TCK
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    Rdio? It's available in Canada.


    And it's way way way better than Spotify.
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    Desktop app? Offline listening for desktop/mobile? Otherwise, I'll stick with Spotify.
  16. TCK
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    Yes. Yes. Yes. Aaand... yes.

    And a way better interface (even though lately they are taking steps backwards...). And a collection, instead of being forced to save everything as playlists. And a more social experience, if that's your thing.
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    I am able to stream both my own music collection and All Access content just fine via AT&T cellular data network using the Gmusic app.

    There have been just a couple of times that it wouldn't show the all access content for some reason but it has mostly worked great. It's probably just a matter of further refining gmusic. If you're having issues with it then try updating to the newest update that came out yesterday.

    Gmusic is awesome. It is amazing how fast they updated their app to stream the All Access content and I'm loving All Access!

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    I've also had great experience with gMusic on my iPhone5.
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    Are there any new rumors about when the iOS app will release? I've read that gMusic only has the option to download the high-quality stream from the API, which would kill my data.
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    No new rumors have popped up. It's quite frustrating for me as well.
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    Been using Spotify for awhile now. Nearly a year. I've very happy with the service. It's going to take something incredible to make me change.
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    I like Spotify except for their refusal to allow you to delete any radio stations you've created (even if by accident). There's a big thread on their forum that's been running since Feb 2012.
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    yay!!! but the main thing is that they would have to launch the service in my country first:(

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