Google pulling the plug on iPhone apps using it as a map provider?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by jnic, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Just noticed an update for the Trails app, which states:

    As of this update, Trails is using OpenStreetMap.

    Does anyone have further details on this? It seems that, if true, this will affect an awful lot of developers, including many here on the forums.

    Comment from publishers who have received such requests from Google to substantiate this would be much appreciated.

    No word from the iPhone Google Maps component project yet.
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    Makes sense. It's always been against their Terms and Conditions so it was a bad idea to integrate that in the first place. I pulled a couple of app ideas based on this and am glad I did.

    Relevant T&Cs were
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    Which condition was violated?

    Was it because it was used in a non-browser, or because the app was not free?
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    oh god! don't make us use microsoft virtual earth!
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    Is google not changing mapping data source?

    Would be big news. Kinda expecting some map news from google for Latitude, and Apple/Google/TomTom etc regarding SatNav.

    Wonder what contract Google has?

    I smell a TomTom / Tele Atlas OS 3.0 app rat. Would tie in - Apple gets an iPhone SatNav app, Google changes policy, TomTom gets the app. Then the iPHone could also feed in data to update the maps too, for the 5 year deal...
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    The app's not free, so presumably for that reason.
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    So what other apps are affected?
    Edit - RunKeeper Pro app developer hasn't been asked to. Seems a fine line there between the extras trails adds, versus RK Pro. Trails did outperform a Garmin 305 once I guess...

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