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Google sync vs. iCloud

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by dimi94941, Oct 12, 2011.

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    I currently use Google sync for my contacts, calendar and MAIL. Google sync pushes my new mail right onto my iPhone as soon as I get the new mail and it works flawlessly. Also, when I create an event on Mac or iPhone, it automatically comes up in other device. Same goes for my contacts. Also my notes are in sync with my Google account not my Mac... so is this all the same in iCloud, because I would rather use iCloud but if iCloud CANNOT PUSH my new mail from Gmail into my iPhone, I will not use it... Please answer.
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    I had something similar - I had an old email account being pulled into a gmail account and was using the gmail account as a master account to sync with the iPhone so I could use push etc.

    What I did was set up my iCloud account etc. Set both old email systems to forward to the new iCloud one (you can set gmail to forward and archive or delete emails).

    Now I have 10.7.2 installed etc. All my email, calendars, bookmarks, notes etc. come to my iPad, Mac and iPhone via iCloud now.

    Whenever I get an email to the other email addresses, it is automatically forwarded to the iColud email and they appear on the Mac/iPad/iPhone immediately (so yes it uses push).

    You may need to deactivate some of your old email accounts in your mail prefs on your devices to stop duplicate items appearing (as you don't want calendar/email etc. coming to a device from both iCloud and your IMAP Gmail as otherwise you will just double everything up) but otherwise you should be fine.

    I hope that helps.

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    I too use google sync and I am trying to rationalize why I would switch to iCloud.

    For work, we use gmail, google docs, calendar sharing, and contacts all that are stored on google sync. I am using all Apple products, but if I'm missing something, it will be better for me to stay on Google.

    Any reason to switch to iCloud from Google Sync?
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    Do you know if iCloud is able to reply with the original email adress that the mail came from? Gmail is able to do that apparently because I forward my gmx mails to my gmail and when I reply on a mail it is send via my originial gmx adress. I know that MobileMe was able to do it but can iCloud?
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    Just tried it and for me the iCloud email is the sender and not the original email address that the email was sent to.
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    damn that sucks a lot. So I guess at least for email I have to stick to gmail then. Don't wanna give all the guys I know my new email adress that would suck.
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    My work also uses google for docs, email etc. I'm keeping them separate for now and only doing this with my personal stuff.

    The benefit I get for my personal stuff - is one account to manage now. Plus it also does my calendar, notes, bookmarks etc. and the PhotoStream is quite cool :)

    Also once Apps start to save data to the cloud the usefulness will increase.


    You can set up email aliases in iCloud - not really tried those though - they may affect things.
    Edit: Looks like Aliases can only end in @me.com addresses - ah well.
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    Thanks. I was thinking about using it for my personal GMAIL account.. still not sure if I want to transfer everything over and if I want to upgrade to Lion just to use it.
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    So I can use only @me.com account? Well, that sucks. I guess I will continue to use Google Sync. And I was so looking forward to iCloud. :/
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    Just got iOS5 up on the iPad.

    Looks like I am going to keep my work gmail as exchange for contacts, email, and calendar.

    I will keep my personal gmail separate for personal contacts and email.

    And I will use iCloud for reminders, bookmarks, documents, and photostream.

    Seems the most logical instead of moving away from my personal gmail.

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