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Google was able to deliver good turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone 3GS and 4!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by zorinlynx, Dec 13, 2012.

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    So why wasn't Apple able to?

    People are definitely going to be asking this question as they fire up Google Maps and find that turn-by-turn navigation is there and works great.

    I wonder if Apple will release it in an update to at least match Google Maps on features for all iOS 6-capable devices? Seeing how easily Google did it (in a 7MB app no less!) is EXTREMELY embarrassing for Apple.
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    It's just because of Siri.

    Getting the voice element of it to work is trivial - it was possible on far less capable devices even before the original iPhone was launched.

    Apple doesn't want people to think that:

    a) Siri on older devices would be possible
    b) That they have access to Siri because of the navigation feature.
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    Apple doesn't want the siri traffic (and complaining about failure rate) to come from too many sources/devices/owners.

    It also wants them to upgrade.
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    I suppose this is one of the downsides of hardware and software coming from the same company.

    Sure, you get flawless integration and reliable code, but you also get idiotic motives to deny features to older hardware revisions to get people to upgrade.

    Meanwhile, Google doesn't give a crap what hardware you're using. I bet the reason they didn't support the 3G is because the hardware is *genuinely* too slow.
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    Also Apple wants you to upgrade:D
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    It's good like it is, lots of options for the users - I hope it apple maps gets better to keep google improving. Think it's going to be a long climb for them now though - "Apple Maps" as a phrase was hit pretty hard.
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    Pretty much these, dont see any reason why people ask these questions :eek: i will be shocked if ios 6.1 drops with turn by turn support for old devices but hey might happend :)
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    Or siri for the 3GS and iphone 4.
    Lets not get too crazy though, it aint happening:D
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    It's called FRAGMENTATION.
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    Lol, why are you saying it as if its some deep dark secret? It's obvious why they don't give the top of the line features to the older phones, and everyone knows the exact reason, no secrets to hide.
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    Lags a lot compared to the old version. I'm keeping the old version in my iPhone 4 5.1.1
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    Because Forstall lied.

    And comeon, Google is been at it for how many years? Nobody at Apple realized how big of that shoes is to fill? No one really?
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    I saw people reporting it's choppy on a 3GS, maybe that is why.

    With the new Google Maps' "3d like" buildings on the vectors map, I think CPU requirement is much higher than the previous bitmap static maps.
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    Have you thought about their business models?

    Apple makes money selling new hardware. Not putting every new software feature on all older devices leads to hardware sales (by some people upgrading to get that feature). Apple profits.

    Google makes money by collecting data about users and selling ads that target them. Putting effort into making software that runs on as many devices (old and new alike) leads to more people using their apps which leads to more ads sales. Google profits.

    Tell me you didn't miss the first two hugggeeeeeeee screens of the new Google Maps, where Google all but begs you to sign into your Google account so that they can gather data about you ... errr, I mean let you sync your stuff to Google maps. :eek:
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    Lags a lot in my iPhone 4, but also the new gmail appl released by google also lags a lot, so I guess it's something to do with their apps.

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