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Googles new privacy policy.

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by mantic, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. mantic, Jan 27, 2012
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    Have you guys read these policies yet? Anyone thinking about moving away from your gmail accounts?

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    Nope. Nothing in there scares me
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    Nothing on the web is private
    Nothing on your phone is private
    Nothing in your email is private
    Nothing on your computer is private

    As long as you understand that, you can act accordingly
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    I understand that, however, It got a few people around me a little upset.... It seems like it's just making more and more sense to not use free services--such as gmail. I have to be careful when using email that I do not send my confidential work mail through gmail when mobile--it's really easy if you aren't paying close attention.
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    What changed compared to the original privacy policy?
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    Rodimus Prime

    I believe it is simplified and they combined around 60 policies into one. They made it so normal people can understand what is in them.
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    All they've really changed is where Google can use the data within their own services. They're making it all more unified using information they already have about you.

    Google already knows more about me than my family anyway, and the same is true for most of us, let's face it.
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    From what I understand it doesn't really change a lot... However I thought maybe there was something I was missing.. Apparently not.
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    Does that make it OK if Google publishes all of your email on the web? (I know Google isn't up to that point yet, just saying)
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    Nope, but it isn't just Google
    If you use the web, your data is 'out there'
    Facebook, Twitter, et. al. and anywhere you sign up for anything or have a profile of any kind

    And nobody really believes Google is going to publish all your emails (who would even be interested?)
    It is a matter of the security of the data and its use
    There is always a risk in using ANY service

    You are no more secure with Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or any other mail
    Not even your work's enterprise mail with an Exchange server

    If someone is concerned about privacy and security they need to encrypt their emails before sending by using cryptographic software or something like these, and even then it isn't foolproof
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    I have a fair amount of trust in Google's ability to keep themselves secure. They have some very smart people working for them and trust is what their business is built on and I doubt they'll want anything wrecking that. Plus, all the privacy regulators in the world have their hawk eyes on them. Therefore, security will be top priority.
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    Google alternatives?

    OK, so, what alternatives are there for:

    - Search

    - Email

    - Earth

    Those are the main services that I use Google for.
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    I always find it funny that whenever any company updates their privacy policies, folk jump on it like they've added a clause saying they reserve the right going to slay your first-born.
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    Same thing happens every time Facebook changes any sort of minute detail, but no one ever seems to leave :p
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    I just wish I didn't receive half a dozen identical emails about it.....
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    7 and counting over here.
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    Lol are you saying there are no decent email servies other than Gmail?
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    Actually, he has a point. The only real alternatives I can think of are Hotmail and Yahoo, both of which suck.

    Of course, you can always set up your own mail server if you have a super nerd/paranoia combo :p
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    Or you could use a desktop client so it doen't matter which provider your with...
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    It'd still matter because you're still relying on them to store, send, and receive your e-mail, as well as provide IMAP.
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    In my experiences Gmail does that no better than Hotmail or Yahoo.
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    They were always less reliable for me, and I got loads of spam on Yahoo. iCloud e-mail also takes ages to send and receive messages for me. Plus I don't believe either Hotmail or Yahoo has two-step verification, and I know iCloud doesn't.

    IMHO, GMail still wins.
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    google needs to stop pulling up porn every time i type "p" into the search boz. I don't want it every time google, sometimes people are around me. geez.

    Gmail is more professional in my opinion. I notice a lot of people I work with in the military all have yahoo or something like it. those same people use names like pimpdaddy83@yahoo.com. no one has a decent email.

    plus after reading tucker max I switched to gmail to be one of the cool kids that went to duke. gmail supports tucker max.
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    Those policies are fine. Google provides good mail services. We provide information. And Google earn money from it. A favor for a favor. There really is no free lunch in the world.
  25. tkermit, Jan 29, 2012
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    Microsoft Virtual Earth

    I'm more and more looking at (and using) alternatives to Google.

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