Googles Sue Google (registration required)

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 8, 2004.

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    I thought one cannot trademart numbers

    Isn't "google" or pural form of google a number?
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    Actually, I believe that the number is a googleplex, so google is different enough to be unique in this context.
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    It's actually a googolplex.
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    yeah, a googol is 1 with a hundred zeros. A googol plex is 1 with a googol zeros.

    A googol plex is a number so large, that if you were to write it down as small as you could, it would take more pieces of paper than would fit in the known universe.
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    Well then I better wait 'til we know more of the universe. :D
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Saw a report on TV about this. My question is why did Googles wait so long to fight for their trademark?
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    can someone post the story? I don't want to register.
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    I haven't found another source for the Washington Post article, but here's a ZDNet article talking about the same lawsuit. And another article I found on the subject.

    After reading them (I, too, don't want to give the Washington Post my e-mail address in order to read their articles), I'm convinced that Googles is right and Google is wrong.

    Googles registered their trademark first. While there may be some legitimate areas for negotiation and compromise WRT e-mail and book sales, Google is flat out wrong if they are want to try and get their brand on children's products. That is clearly in the domain of the people.
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    Trademarks are registered for specific purposes. It was only recently that Google (the search company) decided to move into e-mail, book selling and children's toys - three areas where Googles got there first.
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    The way I heard it described (and maybe it's not correct) is that there are less than a googol of particles in the universe. Therefore it is impossible to actually write out the full decimal representation of a googolplex - even if you use the smallest elementary particle to represent a zero, there aren't enough of them.

    Amusingly, "googolplex" is also the name of the Springfield movie theater in The Simpsons. Since seeing that usage on TV, I've also adopted it to refer to any really huge movie theater.
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    Google calls it's HQ the "Google Plex" as well.

    No information is available as to why Google spelled Googol wrong, which was initially made up by some physicist 10 year old.

    Of course, Macintosh spelled McIntosh wrong, too (which the spellchecker is currently informing me that I was the one who spelled it wrong)
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    Laslo Panaflex

    WOW, what a smart ten year old. :0
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    Chip NoVaMac

    So in theory I can start a company called Kleenex doing lets anti-virus software and be safe?
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    No, once a trade mark has become widely known its protection is broadened to all products/services. Of course earlier trade marks (registered and non-registered) keep their rights.

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