Got 400 dollars itunes gift card today - what apps/games should i get

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by henrikrox, Apr 8, 2010.

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    So i got 400 dollars from my brother to use on itunes (gift card).

    I put up a list of what apps i should get, heres the list i have, some are free, some are not. Please add if u know any. I like most games, i put design and interface very high on programs, its a big plus if it looks nice.

    flight control hd
    zen bound 2
    angry birds
    soosiz hd
    minigore hd
    labyrinth 2 hd
    scrabble ipad
    need for shift pad
    real racing hd
    words with friends
    doons hd
    plants vs zombies hd
    super monkey ball 2
    Geomertry wars pad
    uno hd
    dungeon hunter hd
    touch hockey extreme
    diner dash
    sparkle hd

    weather hd
    sketchbook pro
    the elements
    star walk
    +300 iwallpapers
    beautiful planet hd for pad

    I also added some movies, so i got about 325 dollars left
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    $400 from your brother on iTunes

    /shakes head and walks away
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    lol $400? why?
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    And a $700 purchase becomes an $1,100 purchase :)
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    MLB app is a must
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    Just buy every single one!
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    Wow what a waste..
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    save your $$$
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    You're really going to blow that in one day?
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    I got a $50 iTunes gift card back on Christmas and I still have $26.15 of it sitting in my account lol.
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    yeah that's a sweet amount but not more
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    This does not strike me as a situation where he's spending his rice and beans money on apps, so my advice to most people in this thread is to let him (and his brother) spend money how they want.

    And this doesn't turn a $700 purchase into an $1,100 purchase, or maybe it does, but it also turns his iPad into a (at least in his mind) more fun and complete experience.

    I'm not all that interested in using an iPad for games. If I had a $400 iTunes card (and an iPad, which I don't have one of yet), I'd probably buy some productivity and media apps, and spend the rest on music and movie rentals.
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    Buy some music and movies.
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    I don't get it. I thought people knew how to behave.
    Instead people act like idiots.

    I come here to ask a simple question. Do i use 400 dollars on itunes? Can i take out this money in cash? No.

    Is it 400 for my own wallet? No.
    Is it my fault getting this gift?

    But just forget about it. People are a bunch of kids.

    Im not talking about all on this threat, just the first which contribute 0.

    To the others: Thanks, no ofcourse i dont want to blow all the money now. I just made the list of what i think look like something i would buy. Im only going to buy a few, i have already spent 75 dollars on movies. But thanks for the recomandations. Even though only 1 other was mentioned.
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    Here is my advice.

    Take $350 and list the cards on eBay and turn them into cash.

    Take $50 and use to buy a case or dock.
    Take $50 and take your brother out to dinner.
    Pocket the remaining $200ish.

    Use your remaining iTunes card of $50 for apps.

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    I think most of the iPad apps out now are overpriced for their level of refinement. In a month they will be charging half the price for the same app, and much better stuff will be coming out besides. I'd get the stuff that really catches your eye, but I'd pass on the rest for now.
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    I'd get some movies most likely. Maybe some music (though music isn't a big thing to me).
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    Games that are/look cool...

    Civilization : Revolution
    Command and Conquer : Red Alert

    Element (Periodic table..just a cool display of elements)

    Star Trek (new one...cause everyone expects you to have it :)
    Sherlock Holmes (specifically got this)
    Transformers (Labouf is a poof..but the movie's ok)
    Any Bond Movie

    Eureka (seasons 1, 2, and 3)
    Tudors (ah...Henry the VIII...and lot's of sex)
    Star Trek : TOS (think all 2.5 seasons are available)

    and of course gobs of music and music video's's all what YOU prefer....
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    Buy The Elements. If I had an iPad and a $400 iTunes gift card, that would be one of my first purchases. My inner chemistry geek thinks it is awesome.

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