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Got a feeling there will be no Ipod Nano 7th gen this year.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by PerplexShyt, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I know the obvious upgrades would be WIFI, but lets face it. the Nano is now so small that the battery cannot support continuous wifi, and offer ideal battery life. Also, there is no need to make it smaller right now either. Its small enough where people are complaining they have to search for it in their pockets/purses etc etc.

    They will not get rid of the hinge because people want to clasp it in places.

    If anything the only update I see coming the Nano's way, is to its OS and an update.

    I guess the only way we will find out is when the event goes down.

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    It's weird that we haven't heard any rumors or seen any leaked photos. It would be a bummer as the 6th gen could use a few more features.

    I really don't see them keeping the nano the same with the release of icloud though... I think we'll see a new nano.
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    i expect a price drop
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    don't really care about the camera on the nano, but low power Bluetooth 4.0 would be kick ass. You should read the what it's on lunatik's site. With just low power Bluetooth, this could all be possible for the nano.

    http://updates.lunatik.com/ the Sep 8th update.
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    I also doubt they'll put Wi-Fi since it will suck that small battery out real quick, but would be great if you're plugged in to AC to play your tunes via iTunes Home Sharing or Internet Radio.
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    I expect it to sync with my iOS devices like the liveview from SE and an Android phone. ;)
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    What if the whole iPod line is dropped? :eek:
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    Hey, I'd take a camera! It's broken now, but I really liked my little 6th gen nano. I kind of thought it was a joke when it first released, but I like the clip, I like the software update that essentially gave it hardware play/pause, etc.
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    It won't, and even if it was, I think at least a one iPod would be kept.
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    Here's my take on what the nano 7G could get in the upcoming update.

    1. Built-in Nike+ transmitter.
    2. Built-in Bluetooth for wireless headphones.
    3. Optional wifi dock (compatible with iPod classic as well)

    It'll retain the same form factor, capacity options and battery ratings. I'm guessing that the more unpopular colors will be eliminated and new colors will be offered.

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    Just because the iOS devices have become the main focus doesn't mean iPods don't bring in any money.

    There will be a 7th gen, but there probably won't be any dramatic updates anymore.

    I think the 6th gen is great, just wish it had higher capacity so I didn't have to do the 128kbps conversion to fit all my good songs on. Not only does quality suffer but syncing takes forever.

    I'd like to see the nano go a little larger with the current form factor, 32GB capacity and support for VIDEO OUT (HD support if possible). Video on the nano was so utterly pointless anyway but it'd be pretty cool if you could hook it to a TV.
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    I always thought the new Nano was just too small. When I watched the keynote, I was hoping this was the new Nano:

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    Just wish they would bring back the click wheel for the nano. Would buy that in an instant for my car.
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    I use my 6G nano for running with Nike+. The two things that would tempt me to upgrade would be:

    MUST HAVE: one more physical button for play/pause (i.e. pause the workout)
    VERY NICE TO HAVE: built-in Nike+ integration

    A couple other bonus things would be:
    - more flexible backlight controls
    - bluetooth

    I really loathe having to use the touchscreen to pause my workout, and every headphone with remote I've tried has shorted out within a matter of weeks (I sweat a lot). But I do love the form factor for running. Apple, please just add one extra tiny button!!
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    There is a setting that allows you to double tap the On/Off switch to play/pause.

    Controlling audio playback with the Sleep/Wake button
    You can double-click the Sleep/Wake button to play the next audio track, or change the setting so that double-clicking pauses or plays the current track. To set the Sleep/Wake button for audio playback:

    On the Home screen, tap Settings.
    Tap Music, and then tap the Sleep/Wake Button.
    Tap the On/Off switch.
    Tap either Next Track or Play/Pause.

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    I hope a better Nano. I hate the current design. The touch screen is cool and all but i love to change music on the fly and pause on the fly, stupid touch screen means you have to wake it up each time you want to do something. Not that useful if you are running, I need to break my stride so I can see WTF I am doing on the thing.
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    We need the return of the clickwheel!!!
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    iOS 5

    I'm just wondering if Apple kinda has to rev Nano to include iOS 5, because of iCloud and Apple's big talking points about keeping your music, contacts, pictures, etc. in sync across your devices.

    Something to consider....
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    I still thing there is a market for the nano. All they need is bluetooth imo.
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    You are my hero for the day...I had no idea this was configurable. Admittedly, I am using double-tap to skip tracks today so I would still like one extra physical button, but being able to configure it for play/pause is a great stopgap solution. Thanks!!
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    It might not have been there when you bought it. Got added in the 1.1 update, which IMO makes it VASTLY more useable, and for me preferable to the touch for audio.

    I'd still like more buttons though too (including something you don't have to double click to activate!)
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    Good point... I was thinking the same thing. Even if the nano isn't too profitable for Apple anymore, they might roll out a wifi/bluetooth enabled nano 7 just for the sake of making iCloud more relevant and more powerful.

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