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Got a new PowerBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by imacintel, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Yay, only 3 to 5 more days! I recently aquired a PowerBook G4 12 inch from heyloo. He has been very nice, and hasn't scammed me :). I am really excited. Its specs:

    PowerPC G4 1.33 GhZ
    12 inch:)
    100Gb 7200 RPM(upgraded from 60 gb 4200 RPM)
    1.25 Gb Ram(MAXXED)
    Shinza Zeroshock case
    Shipped With FedEx™
    RadTech Keboard/Screen Protector

    I am so happy. Every day I seem to want to call FedEx and ask "Where is it?"

    This is, going to replace my iMac. I shall give the iMac to my bro.
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    I had the exact same computer except with less ram and a 4200 60 gig hard drive. I loved it so much. I still miss it, but I bought another powerbook at a steal of a price and had to sell the 12 inch for money. Have fun with it.
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    i recently got almost the exact same speced pbook, but im lookin to sell now that im getting a macbook from work...
    u wudnt believe wut i went thru to sell my old vaio and to get this! and then i get offered a job where a macbook is included...
    c'est la vie
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    Congrats on your new lappy. How much did you get it for? Did you get a good deal?
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    The 12" PB is the best machine. I wish it held more ram, tho!
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    I got it for $1250 with a BT Mouse, Shinza Case, KB and Screen protector, and an additional wireless ant.

    And the Ram and HDD upgrades.

    Pretty Good deal.
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    Geez, $1,250? "Pretty good deal?" Wow, that's pretty up there? I guess you wanted it pretty badly!
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    wow, um, you coulda gotta a refurb macbook pro 2.0ghz for like 200 more.... that and the fact that you probably don't have a warranty of any kind...

    I hope it work out for the best and that you enjoy it though.
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    That's a bit on the high side. With those specs it averages around $900-$975 on eBay. I sold my PB 15" with 1.5GHZ and 100GB 7.2K drive for $1100.00 last month.
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    Thats Canadian Dollars. Wow, after all those rants..people still don't know I am canadian
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    Can anybody comment on this? Its gonna seem like forever until its delivered.
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    That's still $1,106 = Overpaid IMO. But all the power to ya if you feel it's worth it!
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    Well, at least it was better than getting ripped off on an iBook from PowerMax.
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    Here are the specs he gave me directly:

    Powerbook G4 12"
    CPU Speed: 1.33GHz
    RAM: 1.25 GB (Max)
    HDD: 100GB Seagate 7200rpm (my previous HDD died, so I 'just' replaced into this HDD)
    Graphics - 64MB GeForce FX Go5200
    ***Battery*** My model qualified for the Battery Recall Program recently launched by Apple. I made the exchange so it's running on 'brand new' set of battery! :)

    How about I throw in a Bluetooth (non-mighty mouse) mouse, a Shinza case, and RadTech screen protector (that goes between the screen and the keyboard. It has a 'Powerbook' engraving(?) on it by RadTech).

    He also threw in an external wireless antenna and little silicon legs that protect around the screen...
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    Well with that fast HD, new battery and Shinza case, I think it's worth it in Canadian dollars. ;)
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    And the maxxed ram...

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