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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by MattyK, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I actually put a lot of thought into this thread, because there are so many rubbish 'post your' threads filling up the space around here, that I would actually post one that lets us post things most important to us.

    They can be anything from material objects, to family, pets, whatever it is that's just that much more important than everything else.

    Mine would have to be my guitar which my grandfather bought me;

    My homemade macbook unibody :cool:;

    and MAH SHOOZ.
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    -Sadly, my Macbook. My first personal computer. Too bad it wasn't totally a love story with this one, I hope the MBP that will replace it will.

    -My sketch book. I'm drawing almost everyday in it, so it's beginning to get a lot of draws that I like.
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    Mine is a little handmade china brooch which belonged to my late grandmother. It's far too delicate to wear though...
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    this has been mine for the last 29 years. my grandfather gave it to me the day i was born. if there was a fire this would be the thing to grab.

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    My 20 year old Teddy Bear.
    My necklace and cross combo that was given to me by my parents.
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    Beat me to me this is just another pointless "post your..." thread.
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    ^^ I tihnks he mentions that in teh first post..

    I have a pocket watch that belonged to my great-grandfather; I have a guitar that my dad bought me as a gift; I have my iPod that was a gift also; I have my MBP that I bought myself; My weight bench that keeps me in shape; I have the Queen Elizabeth rose bush that mom bought (years ago) and then it bloomed once before dad ran over with the riding lawn mower... oh wait...

    My most prized possession are my teeth - It took me almost 8 years and over $3k from my parents to get them straightened out. Fortunately if there's a fire they make their escape along with me. :cool:
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    Hey, and even if you don't manage to escape from the fire, your teeth will be really useful to identify your remains. It's a classical win-win situation!

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    Crazy me with my prized possession, my girlfriend. :)


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    I try not to obsess over possessions, but I do love what I have and I take very good care of them.

    <3 my guitars
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    You consider your girlfriend a "possession?" Hmmmm I wonder how she'd feel about that ;)
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    Haha, I probably should have used a different choice of words. My girlfriend would NOT approve of that.
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    I deny all material possessions!

    That is why I live in a cardboard box with my iPhone :)

    Gotta love this recession!
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    And your 24" 2.8 GHz Aluminum iMac; 2x 1.6 GHz (SP)Powermac G5's, White Macbook, 1.8 C2D Mac Mini ?
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    :D hey, i couldn't help it.
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    i dont have a picture but mine is my great grandfathers 55 gibson acoustic, it was made durring the great depression so it has something to do with how rare it is.... worth 10k in the US problem is you cant tune it or the tuning pegs turn to dust lmao.
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    Can you take more pictures of that mac? It looks really sweet.
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    hhah, thanks. I wish I could have more pictures available, but my brother took our camera to his work the other day and forgot it(he's an architect) so currently all i have to take a photo of itself with is basically the MacBooks isight, and I don't currently have a phone :(

    I'll try get pics up soon though.
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    I've got a 1914 Professional Conn Alto Sax in silver that my grandpa learned to play on, and gave to me to learn to play. When he passed away, I got his Tenor Sax. From my other grandpa, I got his 30-06. All three mean a lot to me because they are the tools my grandparents used.

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    The book "Bart Simpson's Guide to Life" signed by Bill Morrison from the Simpsons. My parents bought it at a book fair when I was a baby.

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    Apart from my Macs, bee gees collection this would have to be the main one

    Sorry for the quality my camera is packed - i am moving into my first home!

    it is a chunk of gold that my grandfather bought for me when i was born. He gave this to me on my 21st birthday.

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    Where do you purchase a "chunk" of gold? It's not an old filling is it? :eek: JK ... It's very nice. :)

    Hmmmm ... Guess mine would be my iPhone. Best device I have ever owned by far.
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    No Lol it's not a filling I can assure you it's legit
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    Was it from the 'gold rush' ? :p

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