Got a scratch on my 2011 Macbook Air 13" today

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Funkymonk, Dec 3, 2011.

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    I hit a usb cable and there's a super tiny scratch on the palm rest and another one of the same size right above the touchpad. looks fine to the naked eye but I know it's there and knowing it's there I keep looking at it. No one else can see it but still...

    everyone thinks I'm being silly but I thought maybe some of you guys could understand. God it's so stupid that this is bumming me out and I'm normally not this materialistic that I would care but damn... just damn... :(
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    I know the pain, I remember my old 2010 MBP got a scratch on the outer shell near the hinges, and I couldn't help myself but look at it :( wouldn't care so much if it was a crappy Dell or something.
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    Wait till you get your first visible dent.
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    It's best that you got that scratch and got it over with. Now you don't have to obsess about perfection.
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    you should just shut your filthy mouth and never speak to me again.
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    A little harsh no?

    But OP, I wouldn't fret. A year from now you probably won't care. It happens to ALL devices. I was paranoid about my iPhone 4S getting dust when in my pockets and I would use an air duster on it but now I just use it freely. Same with my car when I got it brand new a few years back.

    When the new MacBook Air revisions come out, you'll probably want to sell the current model and get the new model anyway so just enjoy it.
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    LOL, I've got a beauty just below the Apple logo. It's small by normal standards but large by OCD standards.
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    Sounds like you have more serious issues than just a little scratch that you can't see on your computer.
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    try FLITZ and a microfiber towel...practice on the bottom first
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    This is the first time a comment made me cry from laughing so hard while browsing MacRumors. Haha - more power to ya!
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    I was the same way when I got my iPhone 4, I got so mad when after keeping it in a case, it somehow got little black scratches/abrasions on the metal antenna.

    Now I don't use a case (because the majority of imperfections on my phone happened while it was in a case -- never buying Incipio again) and I have dropped it several times, gaining a few small dents on the corners and one hairline scratch on the edge of the screen.

    No one would really notice them unless you're looking closely. As others have said, you'll get used to it over time.
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    I have a small little chip that's located right above the home button on my iPhone. Only noticeable in direct light but I know it's there and always bums me out. No idea how I got the spot. Hoping nothing like that happens to my Air.
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    ROTFLMAO! I feel your pain, I've had my 13 inch Air for 11 days, I put a Wrapsol skin on it last night to protect it from scratches, I'm not usually this OCD, my tablet didn't get a folio cover for weeks.
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    LMAO. I got no scratches what so ever on my MBA. Eat that. How does that make you feel?

    You could use some professional help.
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    That's what is called a lifetime lesson :cool:
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    tom vilsack

    you should just do the same to the other side...this way you would at least have ocd symmetry.
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    I was texting on my iPhone 4 today and i dropped it on my macbook air accidentally, right at that moment my heart skipped a beat lol. Was lucky there was no damage on both mba and iPhone 4...
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    if you think this is a drama...

    my new macbook air 13, (48 hours use) the trackpad is losing colour/aspect

    is not visible from the top, but if i look in a different angle, I'm able to note the trackpad surface is + polish + mirror look in areas where i use the fingers.

    I'm no expert in aluminum but i think apple is using a different type of aluminum in new macs.
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    The trackpad is glass. That's probably from your greasy fingers. Wipe it and it should be gone.
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    this is why i no longer wear watches :cool:
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    And THATS your idea of drama?
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    The trackpad is aluminum but there is a layer of glass over it so I doubt it is discoloration. Maybe paranoia or grease.
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    That's some funny stuff. I have never dented any of my Apple products. I think if that day ever comes I would be pissed too. (knock on wood) :cool:
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    Look at it this way: Your MBA just acquired some character. In the end always remember:

    It's a tool, not a jewel!!!

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