Got an iPhone 5 and want to get a better feel of iOS 7?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by revs, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Not sure why I didn't realise earlier, but if you load these videos up on an iPhone 5 you get a great feel for iOS7 as they play full screen and as if you are running the OS
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    Thanks, but I'm more happy with the actual beta :apple:
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    Great idea! :)
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    Agreed. I have the beta on my 4S, and while it doesn't quite look the same as it would on a 5, I'm finding a lot more small glitches and inconveniences that I wouldn't see if I just watch Apple's carefully edited videos.
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    I just did this, and honestly, I just did this, and I really like the new look much better ON my phone, don't know why. Good call!
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    I don't do betas anymore. The entire point of iOS 6 is it is stable and reliable. If I want more features with less stability and reliability I will switch to Android lol.

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