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got any tips for an OS X newbie?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by phreakout13, Jan 7, 2004.

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    I'll have a new computer in a few days and I've never used OS X before. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me some advice. Thank you.
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    Thank yer lucky stars you're not having to use windoze fer the first time.

    Search this site for any problems you find using OSX and I bet if it's not already dealt with, there will be many many happy Macrumors peeps waiting to make yer day.:)
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    Questions, we've got answers

    Do you have any specific questions, concerns?

    What is your level of experience with regard to computers, ever used Windows or Mac OS before?

    What do you want to do with your new machine?
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    I'm not bad with OS 9 or OS 7.6. I only want to use OS X for my home computer and with my 10g iPod
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    Mail is a great program, especially if you go through the rules under Preferences, and set them up. The Junk filter should be set on training mode first, to make sure its not junking things you would like to see.
    Safari is a very good program, the tabs are very useful but they must be engaged using Preferences and you can set up pop-up blocker using Cntrl-K.
    The dock is very useful, you can use it to hold all the Applications you consistantly use, but you can store the Applications folder and your Home folder next to the trash when they can easily be accessed.
    System preferences is a single Application that runs all the Control Panels and allows you to control things like Network connections, Desktops pictures, etc.
    When you get to print, the Print Center Application will appear and will handle all your printing needs.
    Appleworks is good, but could be better, if you need Office, get it using the Educational discount, but for many other things there are great freeware/shareware apps out there. I would suggest MacJournal.
    iTunes is one of the best programs ever, play with it a lot, and make sure to rate songs and use the Smart Playlists. Also, go and get Windows Media Player, and Real, you will need both eventually, but otherwise Quicktime rocks.
    Make sure to set up one account as an administrator, but all the others should be users, and don't lose that Admin password, you need it to install software and to access your volumes from a different machine. But, truly OSX is the best OS out there, you should have a blast. Let me know if you've got any specific questions.
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    change your exposé function buttons from F9, F10, and F11 to F1, F2, and F3 - respectively. this increases workflow dramatically, as there is no need to either take your right hand off of your mouse to hit the keys or reach your left hand away from the left side of the keyboard. i did this because i use my left hand to use shortcuts constantly. as almost all shortcuts can be done with just the left hand, i didn't want to have to move it around, as that takes time. and time is money.
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    That doesn't work if you have a Powerbook, you'd end up messing with the screen brightness and then muting the sound.
    Hey, Phreakout what kind of Mac are you getting?
    And mnkeybsness can you think of any tips off hand?
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    My tip for newbies is just to turn it on and start using it. See how far the Mac intuitiveness can carry you. When you're ready for the advanced stuff or have a problem, you know where to come. :)
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    Duff-Man says.....yeah, I like that advice....the best thing about the Mac has always been its intuitiveness and ease of use...so just turn it on and go...and have alook through the threads here for any answers...don't see 'em then ask!......oh yeah!
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    Re: Tips

    gzzz you took all the fun (could of said it better my self):) :) :) you will love your new mac
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    Powerbook G5

    What's the point in putting a link to your home folder in your dock when clicking on the Finder icon does the same thing? And I also recommend Video Lan to play windows media files and many others that Quicktime doesn't support, it's great and it's free from Version tracker.
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    The point was actually to show that it could be done, most people don't realize you can dump a folder there and I think it's useful to have the Apps folder there so I can quickly grab an run an App with the mouse, I also did this with my home folder so I can swing through the several layers of folders I have in my portfolio. Video Lan is a good suggestion however.
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    Powerbook G5

    Actually, I recommend just dumping Version Tracker and MacUpdate into your Safari bookmark menu, because those two sites have an insanely great wealth of updates, shareware, and freeware to make your computer experience anything you want it to be. I also recommend putting iSync in your menu bar if you use .Mac, it's amazing. Click the button and automatically all of your bookmarks, address book contacts, iCal entries, etc, are all backed up and if anything happens or you need to do an erase install of OS X (like when you upgrade and want to start clean) or just want to keep things up to date, it is great to be able to click sync and automatically have your familiar settings automatically recovered in a matter of seconds. It sure saved me a good hour when I did a clean install of Panther.
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    in the finder preferences, you can set what a new finder window will open. mine is set to show a list of the mounted drives (Computer).

    what i posted prior to your post was a tip :D

    also, you may want to look into some programs such as dockextender and desktop manager for increasing workflow.
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    Not if you download uControl and turn the "Real Function Keys" option on. I have my funciton keys back and only need to hit a modifier to control meta-tasks, just the way it should be.
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    I'm getting an eMac superdrive 1Ghz power PC g4.with 512mb ram, and an 80 gig HD. I can't wait!
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    Powerbook G5

    If you want something really cool just for cool's sake, get Backlight 2 from Version Tracker, it allows you to toggle your screen saver off and on and between your screen savers on the fly as your desktop wallpaper. It's something that impresses everyone like crazy who sees it.
  18. mms
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    PowerBook G5, a good thing about putting your home folder in the dock is that if you have a two button mouse, you can right-click the folder to access its contents without opening a new Finder window. I use it since I have enough windows cluttering up my desktop without opening a new one every time I have to access my home folder.

    This is what I used in Jaguar. I'm pretty sure it still works in Panther, I just haven't had enough time to play around with Panther yet so I'm not completely positive.
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    Powerbook G5

    I still don't have a 2 button mouse. I haven't needed one in all the years of using OS 8 and 9, but with OS X, I can see how much benefit it could have, not to mention I just got a game that is nearly impossible to play while ctrl clicking all the time. I just cannot find a good Bluetooth mouse that makes me feel like I need one yet as they seem to be so hard to find currently. But yeah, just the thought of having like a 5 button mouse with Exposé mapped out to the other three buttons is enough to make me a believer in multi button mice.
  20. mms
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    After using a multi-button mouse for a bit, you'll find out that contexual menus make life a lot easier. Even if you use key commands a lot, some commands in the contexual menus don't have key shortcuts and it's easier for newbies that haven't memorized the shortcuts. Although I feel that anything more than two buttons is overkill, a scroll wheel is always nice to have.
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    Ah, welcome to the eMac club.

    *points to signature*
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    Dude, I have to thank you for pointing that out, I downloaded it just to give it a shot, and I have to say nothing is cooler than using Marine Aquarium 2.0 on my desktop.
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    *points down*

    Edit: Also, Red Pill, a 3D Matrix Code screensaver looks sweet too.

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    Powerbook G5

    I know, isn't it great? I downloaded MatrixGL and ran it during a class once and everyone crowded over my PowerBook and were gasping between the keyboard being lit up and the Matrix scrolling down my screen.
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