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Got AppleSeed invitation, can't download Beta

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by creationtwenty2, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Hey there,

    Apologies if I'm being stupid here, but I can't figure out how to download the dev preview of 10.9.

    I'm only enrolled on the iOS program and not the Mac dev program, but I got an AppleSeed email this morning with an invite to test Mavericks.

    According to the small print, no membership or purchase is necessary to try the OS X beta with an invite, which led me to believe that I would be able to try it out despite not being in the Mac Developer program.

    However, I can't figure out how to actually download it. I log into the AppleSeed page, link my invitation code, and then get presented with the AppleSeed home page with no links to actually do anything, just a bunch of requirements.

    It suggests I need to agree to the NDA, but whilst I can read it, there's no actual option to agree or sign anything.

    Any ideas?

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    First things you agreed to the NDA, and so you're violating that by asking here.

    Apple will send you the instructions on downloading 10.9 when the time comes for them to open up the appleseed program. For now sit tight.
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    I didn't agree to the NDA yet, because I can't. As mentioned above, it shows as a requirement but I get no option to actually 'accept' it.

    I got the instructions in the email, it says 'Read and accept the confidentiality agreement', and 'accept the invitation'.

    Those are the steps I cannot do.
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    There should have been a link for you to click to enter an invitation code. Did you get that?
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    Yeah, the steps are:

    1. Go to AppleSeed Page and click sign in - done.
    2. Log in with Apple ID - done.
    3. Link Apple ID with invitation code (****) - done.
    4. Read and accept NDA - can't do.
    5. Accept the invitation - can't do.

    4 and 5 are the steps that appear to be impossible due to there being no option to actually do so.
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    I'm not sure, if there's a link or something for you to request help on that might be the best bet.
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    Ok, thanks, I'll send them an email, I think there's a direct address for seeding.
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    Sorry I couldn't help any more, I was aware of some things with the seeding program but not a lot
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    Mr MM

    I received the same invite, actually 3 times, and I have the same problem, Im not tied to any nda, since I cant sign/agree/mark/dance it

    I havent received a download link.
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    What web browser are you using? Try others, specifically Safari if you haven't tried that yet,
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    Mr MM

    the problem is not what browser (just tried on safari), its where the hell do I sign
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    Yeah I've tried in Safari/Chrome, I think they've just dropped the ball on it somewhere.

    I've got an email in with the seeding team, hopefully I'll get a response fairly soon. I'll report back if I hear anything.
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    Mr MM

    did the same, just sent an email, Ive waited for 6h for whatever mail that there was supposed to have but nothing
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    Same here; keep us posted, please .
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    do you have multiple AppleIDs?
    it could very well be linked to a different AppleID or if you use iCloud vs a regular email address.
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    Nope, just one ID.

    I don't recall having this problem before, although I think the last time I used the seed program was for Leopard.
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    gotcha, yeah currently theyre not releasing anything through the Beta yet, so its not out. i'd contact them to see why your NDA/Agreement isnt working.
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    Ok I got an email back from the seeds team.

    They just haven't finalised downloads yet so at this stage, all that is necessary is to link your invitation with your ID.
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    I love all these references to NDA and fears of breaches ..... Given the ongoing PRISM news revelations.
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    It's not really fear of repercussions, just respect for Apple's terms.

    In the same way that I wouldn't want anybody who might be testing my apps to go breaking the silence on them, I try to abide by them too.

    I'd also rather not risk forfeiting my ADC membership.
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    Mr MM

    yep received a similar mail as well, best just wait
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    This NDA is slightly silly anyway, as the WWDC iOS app can be logged into using any Apple ID (used my non-dev one just fine!), and the video's have tons of info on features, functions, and implementation in them!

    I think Apple are realising that the news gets out once the devs have it and need to discuss 'working/not working' in open web forums anyway, even though legally their lawyers advise them to include this NDA to cover their arses.
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    Apple Developer Forums

    Are Apple Developer Forums not open enough? I see people there discussing what works and what does not.

    There's no need to disrespect agreements.
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    Just sit back and wait probably until WWDC ends tomorrow. Like Monday or Tuesday. Apple is busy with developers right now and it sounds like appleseed is building up a database of seeds.
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    There is no Beta for people who got the invite ; Appleseed is not working as it seems , and not exactly a priority for the company .

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