Got back MBA from repair, told SSD and motherboard was replaced…

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by alphaod, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Feb 9, 2008
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    But I wasn't billed those parts… basically it was an out-of-warranty repair for a broken screen (well a missing bezel); it was set a Tier 2 flat rate.

    Apple called me for a requote telling me it would be a Tier 4 because they needed to replace the motherboard and SSD since they couldn't get pass my encryption (which I gave them the passphrase for). They couldn't get rid of the firmware password either to run netboot to test the machine.

    Basically a Tier 4 repair is a $1200 (plus tax); I of course declined because for that price I could get a new used computer and fix it myself and sell the rest for parts.

    Well I got a call from the Apple Store, and they fixed my machine… but my SSD has been wiped… but the store guy said they replaced the motherboard and SSD; I was billed as a Tier 2 ($430). How can I tell if they replaced those parts or not? I tried doing a physical inspection and I couldn't tell.

    This is important because some of my software is encoded to my hardware (at least the licenses are) and motherboard changes count as a new machine.
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    i would call apple and ask for them to read back the repairs completed , or just reinstall your software and you will find out.
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    Check the screws. When a repair's done, the screws would be loose and require less of an effort to remove.

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