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Got my 11" MBA 4GB - 128GB..Now What?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by CC424, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Just like the title says. I got it and just like I thought it has the slower Toshiba SSD...I don't think that I would ever notice that it is slower because I only have one MBA, so nothing to compare it to.

    I heard of many people taking their MBAs back to get a Samsung drive Not sure if it is worth my time to hassle with taking it back. What's your take on it?
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    I have had both, one on my 2010 MBA and one on my 2011 MBA. The only way you can tell the difference is running the speed disk test results. If you do enough research you will see the Toshiba actually out performs samsung on small file transfers. So Just keep it and enjoy. Down the road if you want a 3rd party larger SSD blade like OWC, it will be a different bench mark for that as well.
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    Now what? Just use and enjoy it!
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    I was kinda feeling like that but didn't want to fell like I've been had. Thanks for ur opinion.
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    now buy a sleeve and don't drop it on your feet, chances are your feet will get bruised, nothing will happen to you Mac.
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    There must be a lot of Toshiba drive refurbs :D
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    Turn it on?
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    +1 on use it and enjoy. Also, less OCD would help ;)
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    I have both. I don't see a difference in everyday usage.
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    Ok....I have turned it on with no problems. Luckily have not dented my foot as of yet.... I may be a little OCD, ok maybe a lot! But I work hard for my cash and just don't want to pay a premium for last year's products. Anyway I'm over it now. I know I will need to upgrade the hard drive eventually so it's not a huge deal. Thanks for your comments.
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    To be perfectly honest, I find myself using my Air very little--far less than I thought I would. I expected to take it everyday to class and whatnot, but frankly, it's easier to write notes by hand.

    I guess, just enjoy your Air.

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