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Got my iBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Island Dog, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Island Dog

    I finally picked up my iBook the other day after dealing with the "Business" people at the Apple Store. Just wanted to thank everybody here who helped answer my questions.


    Click for bigger
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    mad jew

    Congratulations, she looks beautiful. What's she called?
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    nice computer, i have an ibook too. best computer ive ever owned :D
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    I'd hit that
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    She's cheating on you with me.... JP....what is her name?
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    welcome to the ibook club! ive been enjoying mine for over a year now. they do look so good too.
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    mine is great too. :D ibooks are one of apple's best values right now. Congrats :)
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    mine should be here friday or saturday
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    iBooks feel a lot more rugged than any computer that I have handled. I think they are the most practical computer you can get. Good performance, ease of use, OS X, good build quality and they are very easy to tote around.
    Enjoy :D
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    You're in for a treat! Congrats to the OP! Yaaay for iBooks! I didn't understand why so many MR members seemed to love their iBooks but now... extra hours of battery life, better wi-fi, and a cooler lap later-- I fully understand the love for these white, shiny machines! :D
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    You'll love the thing and I just got mine this weekend for college. The thing is perfect. Also can you adopt ibooks as kids so if someone steals it they face stricter penalties?
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    I got my 12" iBook Monday night, and I love it. It actually feels better to me than current Powerbooks and I was very happy to learn that my yo-yo power adapter that came with my old Powerbook G4 is fully compatible with modern iBooks, so I have a free spare, and I previously bought a Creative Sound Blaster MP3+, which I have been using on a borrowed G4 Cube, giving my iBook three different sound inputs and three outputs. It's like it was meant to be!
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    But can you list an ibook on your 1040 as a dependant??

    Congrats and enjoy the new machine!
    The ibook is a great computer - I've had one for a while, and just recently gave it some style with an iCurve and keyboard - Like having a new computer ! You'll get your moneys worth !!!
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    Congrats on the new iBook G4- enjoy! :)
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    Got my 14" saturday ! i just love saying that.
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    I've had my 12in iBook G4 for over a year now and the thing is the greatest laptop. It is very durable. I have carried it with me to classes for 2 school years. It is wonderful. You will enjoy it!
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    Congratulations, I wil be picking up a 12" this weekend for college, can't wait especially as i havent had a laptop since my G3 iBook....

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    Island Dog

    This is my first Mac and I have to say I'm very impressed. I had a Dell laptop, but it was too big and heavy to take to work or anywhere else. The iBook is very light, seems durable, and the 12" screen isn't as small as I first thought.

    It immediately found my wireless network, and I was sharing files with my Windows desktop in less than 2 minutes. I have been reading the forums trying to find the good programs to download.
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    Welcome in the pack, deepisland!
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    Got my 12" iBook on Tuesday, and its my first forray into OSX.. All I can say is... wow... I dont need to bore you all with how slick OSX is, but technically, the iBook is waaaaay snappier and better at multitasking than my 2.8ghz Dell Dimension desktop. Im talking about a considerable difference. I only have the stock 512mb of ram at the moment, bu I can have 7 or 8 apps open at one time and it doesnt flinch. Im in awe.

    Been messing around with a few apps too, such as Coverflow (amazing), Quicksilver and Pages.. only downside is I cant connect it to the internet for some reason... apparently Tiger isnt best friends with ADSL USB modems.
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    You should seriously think about investing in a wireless broadband router, works a treat with iBooks,

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    Im moving into University Halls in a couple of days where I will be able to use my Airport Express there, so it wont be an issue then. Its just until then that I have to make do without net access on the iBook. I havent been able to try out Mail, Adium, iChat, Entourage, Netnewswire, Widgets etc...
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    How much RAM do you have in your Dell? I have 1.5 gig in both my Dell 3.0 ghz P4 and my iBook 1.42, but my Dell stilll zooms past my iBook in so many things. In fact multi-tasking maybe the only thing my iBook comes close to even competing with. When it comes to heavy apps, my Dell is the clear winner. Whether people like it or not, my P4 gets equivalent speeds to what people have posted their dual G5's doing in apps like Photoshop.
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    I am so jealous! I am waiting for the Mactel iBooks to come out. I am now making do with a G3 300Mhz :( !! My brother has an iBook, and i love it, he took it on a big tour around Israel, dropped it a few times, and it still works fine!!! The same brother is paying half for my Mactel iBook!!! ican't wait!!! :D By the way, this is my first post here on MR, after about half a year of reading!!!
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    How is your dell laptop better? Is it just faster or is it better in other ways too? How much faster is it? Id like to know because Im getting a 12 in 1.33 Ghz iBook in a couple months but now I have a 2.8 Ghz Dell Inspiron laptop and Id like to know how they compare.

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